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The Suzuki Gixxer is 5 kgs heavier than the Yamaha FZ

Riding Dynamics – There is barely any difference in the ergonomic triangle of both the motorcycles and both are equipped with a similarly designed diamond frame. Both even have a similar suspension setup but the Yamaha FZ is more comfortable than the Suzuki Gixxer. The set up is commuter oriented on the FZ while that on the Gixxer is set up for better feedback. Even though the Gixxer has a 5 mm longer wheelbase, it tips into corners more efficiently than the FZ. Over a decade back, the FZ had such riding dynamics but Yamaha has stepped more towards riding comfort.

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Both the motorcycles have the exact same ground clearance

The FZ is a premium commuter while the Gixxer is a lot more sportier

The handlebar feels lighter on the FZ and it is quite easy to manoeuver through traffic. While that on the Gixxer is feedback-rich adding a lot of confidence to ride spiritedly. Tyres on both the motorcycles are exactly the same with exact same dimensions too and they grip really well. The brakes, however, have better feedback on the Gixxer than the FZ. The initial bite is sharp and the feedback is constant while on the FZ the initial bite feels slightly lacking and improves later. Both the motorcycles are equipped with single-channel ABS which works pretty well.

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Stability and agility are the fortes of such motorcycles

Verdict – While the Yamaha FZ kickstarted the premium commuter segment, the Suzuki Gixxer followed and made it even better. With the prices of the 150cc segment soaring above the Rs. 1 lakh mark, the difference in pricing between both these motorcycles is just Rs. 10,000/-. The Gixxer being the costlier motorcycle here has a sportier nature and better dynamics to make up for the price. If you want to get a comfortable premium commuter then the FZ makes sense, but if you are a youngster and want a sporty commuter then you should rather pick the Suzuki Gixxer.

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Build quality on the Yamaha isn’t any good, similar to that on the Suzuki

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