The UK Autodrive project was aimed at researching on self-driving vehicles and Tata came up with this concept with the Hexa.

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Tata Motors completed the UK Autodrive project this month. The three years long project began in 2016. It was aimed at researching on autonomous driving and creating self-driving vehicles. The test was successfully completed on 22nd October 2018.

Tata Motors’ European Technical Centre (TMETC) participated in the project for the introduction of self-driving vehicles in the UK. The Tata Hexa was used for different tests related to autonomous driving due to its spacious interior that could be used for placing driver assistance system with ease.

Furthermore, The UK Autodrive project was partly funded by Innovate UK. It bought together a total of 15 partners including OEMs, Engineering Businesses and several Academia and Progressive Councils, therefore, making it a success. All of them contributed to researching on autonomous driving. The Tata Hexa proved to be very capable throughout the project’s tests.

Tata Hexa is the flagship SUV offered by Tata Motors in India. The Hexa XT variant features a 2.2-litre Varicor 400 diesel producing 156 PS of power at 4000 RPM and 400 Nm of torque at 1700-2700 RPM.

The SUV has a top speed of almost 170 km/hr and it retails at an ex-showroom price of Rs. 16.56 lakhs. Most noteworthy is its spacious interior due to which this project was a success.

The Engineering and Research Centre (ERC) at Tata confirms that due to their participation in the UK Autodrive project, they have achieved an appropriate level of self-driving capability. As a result, We can expect to see a number of Advance Driver Assistance Systems in the upcoming Tata vehicles even in India but that would be a big challenge for the Indian carmaker.

Tata Hexa Autonomous

– The project was aimed at testing autonomous cars for the future
– It finished three years of successful testing
– Future Tata cars will feature the successfully tested driver assistance systems

Tata Hexa Autonomous
The European technical centre of Tata is testing the autonomous Hexa
Tata Hexa Self Driving
The Hexa autonomous vehicle was tested on public roads