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The Tata Aria is the best Tata vehicle till date, without a doubt. However the sales figures of the crossover are just not close to what the Indian automaker expected. Initially offered in 4×4 version only, Tata Motors launched the 4×2 version just a few months back to boost sales. After the arrival of the Mahindra latest offering, buyers have just swinged towards the XUV500. In order to counter the competition from Mahindra, Tata Motors plans to launch an automatic variant of the Aria, which could boost volumes as buyers look for a more relaxing drive.

The automatic version of the Tata Aria is said to have been under tests for quite some time now. Tata Motors has not only been testing the Aria AT in India but also abroad. With Jaguar and Land Rover under Tata’s belt, there are high chances of technology and expertise being used from the British car makers on the Aria. The Aria will be the first vehicle from Tata Motors to feature an automatic gearbox. With the Grande, Safari and upcoming Merlin using the same 2.2-liter DICOR motor, there are high chances of the autobox being used in these vehicles as well.

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Source – CarWale