Tata Motors Altroz Camo Edition Trademark
This strategy might work in favour of Tata Motors

Tata Motors is on a roll at the moment and it is set to launch the Camo edition and Dark Edition range soon, as it tries to capture more market share in the segments it has fielded a product in.

The Camo edition has been trademarked for cars such as the Tiago, Altroz and Gravitas, while the Dark edition has been trademarked to be used on the Tiago, Tigor and Altroz.

Interestingly, the Nexon, which has been selling well, is not featured in the list and so is the Harrier. But we are sure the SUVs will be added to the range when the special editions get launched.

As the names suggest, the Camo edition is most likely to come in white and black camouflage. The idea could have stemmed from somebody at Tata Motors who might have been watching a bit too many car wrap videos, noticing how much customers like such a look on their cars.

Well, if it makes their motor look unique, we are all for it. Also, it is not known if the Tata Motors Camo edition will be a wrap or a complete paint scheme. We suspect it will be the former.

On the other hand, the Dark edition, or to be precise #Dark (as stated in the trademark), would result in a blacked-out product just like what we’ve seen with the Harrier #Dark edition. The cosmetic change might actually end up looking well, since the current crop of Tata cars are not doused in chrome bits.

More details about the Camo and Dark edition range will be revealed soon as the carmaker is gearing to launch the products in our country.

Tata Motors Camo Edition

  • Tata Motors to launch Camo and Dark edition range of cars
  • The Camo edition would on the Tiago, Altroz and Gravitas
  • Dark edition would be for Tiago, Tigor and Altroz
Tata Tiago CAMO Trademark
The firm is known for selling modified Safaris with techno wrap for the army
Tata Motors Gravitas Camo Edition Trademark
The upcoming Gravitas will also be included in the special edition range
Tata Tiago Dark Trademark
With the Dark edition, it will be out with the chrome and in with the black
Tata Tigor Dark Trademark
Other cars from the manufacturer’s range might also get the special editions
Tata Altroz Dark Trademark
The Altroz in particular might look pretty well in all-black look