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The Nexon makes long commutes effortless and fun

In the compact SUV segment, the Nexon is definitely the most value-for-money car because it is cheaper than its rivals and it doesn’t have any major negatives. It fares very nicely on most counts and I honestly enjoyed every moment with the Nexon and now that it’s gone, I’m really missing it. With a long daily commute of 80 kms, things like a light clutch, good efficiency, good seats and a sweet-sounding audio system are must haves and I was glad that the Nexon had all of these and more. Tata also offers the Nexon with an AMT so we might just take it next for our long term test to see how much more convenience does it offer.

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The design has a lot of funky elements

What’s Cool

* Punchy performance and fuel-efficient nature
* Comfortable and feature-loaded interiors
* Superb audio system
* 5-Star safety rating

What’s Not So Cool

* Old models have certain electrical issues
* Lacks storage spaces at key places
* Rear bench not suited for 3 full-size adults

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The Nexon’s radical design and bright colour always stand out

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