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Built like a Tata should be, the fit and finish is justified for the price

For the last 100 days, the Tata Tiago Diesel was a great companion. A perfect hatch from Tata for the city and good enough to take on the highways. Most of my driving was on the local highways while my dad also took it out once in a while. He would take it within the city and drive it in traffic too. We were so impressed with the car, we actually went ahead and got a new Tiago XZ Diesel this month! Diesel hatches are apt for long-term stints. And the ones that can take on the highway as well as the city with a solid built quality seem to be the real deal.

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Night out with friends, a definite bet to catch a view

What’s Cool

* The 1-litre diesel engine – fun, frugal and torquey
* Great ride and handling balance, comfortable and easy to manoeuvre
* Compact dimensions make it easy in congested streets, easy to park too
* Tata’s built quality is probably the best in the segment

What’s Not So Cool

* The 3-cylinder oil-burner is very vocal
* Too tiny to seat 5 people, feels cluttered and congested
* Some equipment missing like a touchscreen infotainment system, keyless go, push button start and reverse camera

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I personally prefer an analog cluster and this one does look subtle

Testers’ Note:

“The Tata Tiago is one of the best city cars. It is extremely practical thanks to the ton of storage bins inside the cabin and the build quality is very good too, as it does feel solid. The diesel motor is refined but a bit loud once past the mid-range. It has a good amount of punch in the city although performance is lacking on the highway. However, the drivability and excellent fuel efficiency covers up for it. The Tiago stays true to Tata Motors’ original philosophy of more car per car.” – Faisal Khan, Editor, MotorBeam.
“The Tiago is a surprise package from Tata. I never used to like Tata hatchbacks because of their design, driving dynamics and poor NVH. However, the Tiago really shines when it comes to styling, build quality, practicality, handling and ride quality. When you compare it with its rivals, the Tiago is right up there, especially with a fantastic price. My colleague Dhanil liked it so much that he went ahead and bought it.” – Aariz Rizvi, Assistant Editor, MotorBeam.
“I drove the Tata Tiago only for a brief amount of time but what I really liked about the car is the well-rounded nature thanks to the comfortable ride, good driving dynamics, build quality and of course the equipment list which includes the lovely audio system. The engine is good enough for city usage and has excellent fuel efficiency but at high speeds it starts feeling strained and that’s the only grouse which I have.” – Parth Gohil, Senior Road Tester, MotorBeam.
“The stint with the Tata Tiago was quite interesting as the first Tata car I had was the Indica and I had a good time with the Bolt as well. These 100 days with the Tiago were more than interesting as the car never failed to please us. My dad was so impressed by the car and at the price it comes, we actually went ahead and bought it. Only some more hardware as an option in the top-spec variant would do perfect justice to the Tiago. And yes, a little more silent motor won’t cause much harm.” – Dhanil Vira, Correspondent, MotorBeam.
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I will always pick the Tiago for a mileage run

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