Tata has launched a new marketing campaign ‘Zica 7 Senses’ for its newly unveiled hatchback, which the company claims makes all the car’s senses work together for a never before experience.

Tata Zica Test Drive Review
‘Zica 7 Senses’ is a marketing campaign for the Tata Zica

Tata Motors has moved a step further with the promotions of the newly launched Zica and has launched a new campaign called the ‘Zica 7 senses’ which claims to make all the senses work together for an experience of a lifetime. The campaign will cover all the seven senses – Sight, Touch, Intuition, Sound, Smell, Taste and Equilibrium. The entire campaign like #madeofgreat is aimed at targeting the youth while claiming to satisfy all the needs of modern India.

Tata Motors has introduced a new perfume called the Zica signature fragrance for the ‘Smell’ sense. The automaker has also come up with ‘The Zica Chocolate’ for the ‘Taste’ sense. The chocolate is a way of rewarding yourself for your achievements. The ‘Sight’ sense will be taken care of by the Impact design language used on the Zica and is one of the best looking Tata cars with a very fresh and youthful styling. The 8-speaker sound system exclusively designed by Harman handles the ‘Sound’ sense.

The ‘Zica 7 Sense’ has something special for the ‘Touch’ sense. The ConnectNext touchscreen infotainment system provides the NAVI App and the Juke car App. While the NAVI app provides Turn by Turn navigation with expected time of arrival, the Juke car App connects a number of devices to the infotainment system for playing music. All the users can view the playlist and add their choices to the queue which will be played after. The 22 storage spaces inside make the journey comfortable for the ‘Intuition’ sense. Different powertrains and the peppy drive take care of the ‘Equilibrium’ sense.

The ‘Zica 7 Senses’ is aimed at creating a buzz before the launch. The new car has been in the news due to the #madeofgreat campaign featuring Tata’s new global brand ambassador Leonel Messi. The manufacturer aims at transforming the decade old lineup by launching new products and discontinuing the older ones. The process started with the launch of the Zest/Bolt siblings. However, both new cars did not perform well on the sales front which puts a lot of responsibility on the Zica. This is the reason behind the extensive marketing campaigns for the new car.

Tata Zica Dashboard
The infotainment system is designed by Harman