Harley-Davidson Bronx 1
The Bronx looks like a proper beast

While Harley-Davidson plans on revealing many new motorcycles in the coming year, it seems that the Harley-Davidson Bronx might not see the light. The manufacturer has quietly scrubbed off the Bronx streetfighter from its website.

The American giant provided an update on its future plans and made a commitment of releasing the Pan America 1250 in 2021. However, there was no mention of the Bronx’s future plans and now they’ve scrubbed it off the website.

The website that showed the details about the Bronx was last seen around the first week of August. Currently, the website shows the Bronx page as unavailable.

The officials from Harley-Davidson have said that their key focus for 2021 is their first ADV bike – the Pan America 1250. They further added that “In order to ensure an outstanding launch for Pan America, we will not be launching the Bronx next year”.

But the question is that if they have simply delayed the launch, why to remove the page altogether instead of just writing “Coming soon” or “Coming next year”. This might mean that either the Bronx is getting a major overhaul or it is just going off Harley’s future lineup altogether. We hope it’s the former, though.

Harley’s website, however, still mentions the “Future Custom Model” as “planned for 2021” but it might not serve as a replacement to the sporty Bronx in the market. We hope to get proper answers from Harley-Davidson in the coming months when Harley-Davidson announces its new Hardwire plan.

Harley-Davidson Bronx

  • The American manufacturer has scrubbed off the Bronx Streetfighter from their official website
  • Officials have said that their main focus for 2021 is the ADV offering- Pan America 1250
  • Since they have completely scrubbed off the Bronx from the site, it means that the future of the streetfighter is slim
Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250
This the Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250, which will be the key focus for the American brand

Source – Motorcycle.com