The top 10 selling cars list in July 2016 witnesses 7 cars from Maruti, each having tremendous double digit growth compared to the previous month.

Top 10 Selling Cars July 2016
There is an overall positive trend in the market in the month of July

The top 10 list of cars sold in July is quite surprising since Maruti Suzuki dominates the list with 7 cars and that too having significant growth over the previous month. What’s more surprising is the absence of Honda in the list. Neither the Honda Jazz, nor the Honda City has made it to the list in July. There are 7 Maruti cars, 1 Renault Kwid and 2 Hyundais.

Both the Hyundai brothers, the Grand i10 and Elite i20 have witnessed negative growth in July of 5.66% and 8.73% respectively. The Renault Kwid has seen a sufficient growth of 4.63% with 9897 units sold in the month of July. Apart from these three cars, the rest of the sales chart is dominated by Maruti and that too with double digit growth.

The Maruti Ciaz, Swift and Celerio have put the sales on fire. The Ciaz witnessing the maximum growth of them all. It has sold 5162 units last month compared to 2800 units in June 2016, which translates to a whopping 84.36% growth. The SHVS technology, very frugal engine along with the updated features has boosted the sales of this C-segment sedan.

The Maruti Swift has made a big comeback with 54.26% growth which was in the sixth position last month. The long waiting period of the Maruti Baleno might be the reason behind Swift’s bump in volumes. The Maruti Celerio has also seen a good growth of 34.41%. It’s time for Honda to push their sales in order to grab their positions back in the top 10 list.

Top 10 Selling Cars In July 2016

– Seven Maruti cars, two Hyundai cars and one Renault seen in the list
– Double digit growth for all Maruti cars, Ciaz tops the growth with 84.36%
– No Honda cars to be seen on the list
– Both the Hyundai cars see negative growth in July 2016

Maruti Celerio vs Hyundai Grand i10 Automatic
Hyundai witnesses negative growth while all Marutis score high this time