2017 Toyota Fortuner Review Test Drive
The car is built really well, with good materials and proper fit and finish

Build Quality: The Fortuner was and still is known for its superior build quality. Everything stays where it’s supposed to, very little creaks and wobbling among parts and good fit and finish have become characteristic traits of the Fortuner. This superior build quality is what all the buyers of this segment want. After all, if anyone spends around Rs. 40 lakhs on a car, it better be built well!

Reliability And Service: I would like to believe that the reason this car sells so well is because of the badge it carries with it. With that badge, comes the reliability advantage, better build quality and fit and finish. The car’s mechanicals remained largely unchanged when compared to the previous model, and that meant that the internals were simple and would break less.

When compared to its arch-rival, the Endeavour, the Fortuner has less electronic parts. When you buy this car, you know it can last for a long time. This feeling is what makes this car have a great run in beating its rivals by a huge margin. Plus, the resale value of these cars is really good. Another drawing factor of this car.

2016 Toyota Fortuner Variants
The Fortuner presents you with more variants than its rivals

Variants Galore: If you take the two successful SUVs in their respective segments, the Hyundai Creta and Toyota Fortuner, you’d realise that both have a lot of variants on offer. The Fortuner has 6 variants which is two times the variants when compared to the Ford Endeavour. Do note that out of these six, two are petrol variants, which sell in very small numbers. But whatever spec you want of the Fortuner, Toyota has got you covered. Unless you want that sunroof.