2016 Toyota Fortuner vs Ford Endeavour
The Endeavour’s feature list is longer than the Fortuner

Lack of Features: This is a place where this car can nicely improve. I’m not even talking about the advanced ones the Endeavour has. Standard things we have come to expect in cars under even Rs. 20 lakhs are missing. One of the glaring exemptions is the sunroof. But Toyota can’t do much about this as the AC vents’ tubes supposedly interfere with the sunroof itself.

But why wasn’t it there in the first place? Convenience features like electrically folding seats offered in the Endeavour are missing in the Fortuner. Also, did I mention the infotainment system needed an upgrade?

Space and Ergonomics: The Fortuner, for the size it is, could do with a little more space in the rear seat. Also, the rear cupholders are pretty hard to reach when sitting right next to it. The ergonomics of the third row itself are not so great, as ingress and egress are quite difficult. The distinctive kink on the window line means that the third-row window is small and makes you feel claustrophobic.