2016 Toyota Fortuner Engine Bay
The Fortuner’s engine does the job quite well, but it makes a bit of noise while doing so

Engine Refinement, Ride And Handling: The Fortuner is overall a good car, but the general consensus is that the engine is a little on the unrefined side, and the body roll in the car, coupled with the steering feedback means that the ride and the handling can definitely be improved. But honestly, who sends their Rs. 40 lakh Toyota Fortuner through a corner? Seriously though, the ride can improve and so can the refinement.

2019 Toyota Fortuner Cabin
The interior leaves a lot to be desired at this price point

Interior: The interior of the Toyota Fortuner is unchanged for the past few years, and that is not even the issue here. The infotainment system is not that user-friendly to use and is recessed in between the metal-leather pillars, but I don’t think these pillars affect the visibility of the screen, which is not that great, to begin with. The climate controls could do with better integration, as it looks a bit tacked on instead installed.

I am not criticising the build quality of the interior. The quality of materials used is decent at this price, but the way they are laid out seems a bit bland to me. The car outside is very angular and imposing, climb in, and you’d have a hard time telling this apart from the Innova Crysta. The interior lacks the flair the exterior possesses.