UM has temporarily suspended sales at all dealerships due to lack of ABS.

UM Renegade Sport S Vegas 1
The bike maker promised a lot of new products at the 2018 Auto Expo

The new strict emissions and safety norms have kept the carmakers and bike manufacturers on their toes. While some managed to update their lineup with mandatory safety features before the deadline but some couldn’t. One of them is UM Motorcycles that couldn’t update its lineup before time.

The government has made ABS mandatory from April 2019 and due to lack of ABS in the entire range of UM Motorcycles, the manufacturer had to temporary discontinue all models. The sales have been suspended for the time being at all UM dealerships for the same reason.

The bike maker hasn’t dispatched a single motorcycle from their plant since April. However, they are preparing to introduce ABS as standard across the range. They will be relaunching their products in the coming months but no fixed timeline has been revealed yet.

UM Motorcycles is also expected to introduce new products in the Indian market soon. Some of the upcoming products include new adventure and cruiser motorcycles. The company also showcased a huge lineup of bikes at the 2018 Auto Expo promising new products for the Indian market.

UM Motorcycles Discontinued

– The bikes have been discontinued temporarily due to lack of ABS
– The company will relaunch the bikes with ABS as standard
– They have currently suspended all sales at dealerships

UM Renegade Commando
UM is upgrading their entire lineup with ABS to make a comeback