Toyota RAV4 50 Millionth Customer

Toyota achieved the 50 million plus (5 crore) sales in the American continent recently. The Japanese firm decided to celebrate, not by themselves but to involve one lucky person too. Michael Dee is a policeman from the New York city, who among many others had bought a Toyota Camry. However, this event turned out to be a milestone for Michael who came out to be the 50 millionth customer for the brand in America. Cool enough, Michael got all his debt on the Camry cleared by Toyota America.

Toyota group vice president and general manager Bill Fay personally visited Michael at his residence to give him the title of the 50 millionth customer and announce the clear titled Toyota Camry. It does not end there. Toyota decided to gift Michael a bright red 2013 RAV4 compact crossover too. The sight of the brand new RAV4 got him absolutely surprised and happy. Certainly an unforgettable day for anyone.

The entire event was pre-planned with the help of some family members over a barbeque. The event was also recorded on tape. At the end of the day, Michael had a loan-cleared Toyota Camry and a brand new RAV4 crossover in his garage. The Camry would cost an average $25,000 in the US, atleast half of which was cleared by Toyota. Besides, the RAV4 would also cost somewhere near that range. Toyota issued a press release to thank all the American customers for choosing the brand and for helping them achieve such a milestone.

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