Today, Toyota has said that it will be recalling 6,25,000 hybrid cars all over the world to fix a software glitch that in some cases could shut down the hybrid system while the car is being driven.

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There are no reports of any Camry models being a part of the recall

Toyota has been in the centre of the recall policy for a very long time now. The company has recalled many of its models for various reasons ranging from defective safety parts to other technical issues of a car. Though it is not such a problematic issue as such, but the Japanese manufacturer should take more care of every such issue before the vehicle is actually launched in the market so that no inconvenience is passed on to the car owner. Just today, Toyota has revealed that they will be recalling as many as 6,25,000 hybrid cars across the globe to fix a software glitch.

The news comes only weeks after Toyota recalled 2.86 million vehicles all over the world, covering 24 models with production dates ranging between April 2003 and December 2008 for defective deployment of airbags. Toyota sources these airbags from Japanese part supplier Takata. Anyhow, the reason for the recall this time around is to fix a software problem which in very limited cases could shut down the hybrid system of the car while it is being driven. The company said that a specific software setting could lead to overheating and loss of control ultimately.

The recall affects models including certain Prius V minivans that is called Prius Alpha and Prius+ in different markets and other models which were produced between the months of May 2014 and November 2014. Of the total number 3,40,000 vehicles are in Japan, 1,60,000 are spread across Europe and 1,20,000 vehicles are from North America. Toyota is sure that there have been no reports of any crashes or injuries might that have resulted from the same issue.

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Fortunately, there are no records of any accidents as a result of the problem