2012 Toyota Camry Road Test

Toyota Motor will most probably be crowned the largest car maker in the world for 2012, overtaking GM which occupied the throne in 2011. With the earthquake and tsunami causing disastrous effects on the production and sales last year, Toyota has made a solid comeback this year with 9.7 million sales all over the world including its subsidiaries, Daihatsu and Hino. Sales in Japan as well as in America were very high especially Lexus and the Camry excelled in USA.

This year General Motors too is close behind Toyota with 9.3 million sales. While third in line is Volkswagen with 9 million sales. This year too Toyota had to fight many odds like many recalls for their cars, safety fine in USA and certain disputes in China as well but still it has come out on top. Over all global performance was pretty astonishing which compensated for the problems ultimately and provided the sales for this prestigious position which it lost to General Motors first time in 2008.

The Japanese manufacturer recorded an amazing growth of 22 percent this year. Toyota expects the Toyota and Lexus brands to grow by 3 percent next year with an overall growth of the Toyota Group by 2 percent. Though it sounds pretty less, it is pretty good considering the problems it expects to face. There is a huge slowdown in the European as well as the Japanese market. Toyota expects Japanese sales to go down by 15 percent due to expiry of Government subsidies on low emission cars. Also due to increase in taxes in USA the sales there too may go down. But in spite of that the Japanese car manufacturer expects good sales.