The motorcycles will be refurbished and come with a company backed warranty.

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The sales operations are expected to be commenced from August

British motorcycle manufacturer Triumph, shall soon be selling pre-owned motorcycles in India. Its sales operations are expected to begin from August this year and will allow a lower entry price point for the Triumph motorcycles which currently is Rs. 8 lakhs.

A top Triumph India official said that this is going to lower the entry price point for Triumph motorcycles to an assumption of Rs. 5 lakhs. The bikes will be refurbished and come along with a warranty from Triumph.

Speaking of Triumph Motorcycles in India, the company has 16 dealers in the country and they hope to add four more in the coming two years. The company is expected to break even operationally by FY22. Triumph has also recently launched the 2019 Speed Twin in India.

The average age of a Triumph motorcycle owner in India is said to be 37 years, which is four years less than the global average age. However, with the brand selling pre-owned motorcycles in India, younger buyers can opt for a Triumph motorcycle given its low entry price point and warranty from the company itself. Triumph has sold close to 6000 motorcycles in its over five years of operations in India in which, 978 motorcycles were sold in FY19 alone.

Triumph’s manufacturing facility in Thailand is the largest one the company owns. Motorcycles are imported both as kits or completely built units. India and Thailand have a free trade agreement which allows the company to import their motorcycles without any added duty. The company assembles the kits at their manufacturing facility in Manesar, Haryana.

Triumph Pre-Owned Motorcycles

– Triumph will start selling pre-owned motorcycles in India
– The motorcycles will be refurbished and come with a company warranty
– The pre-owned Triumph motorcycles will have a lower price to attract buyers

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The company has sold over 6000 motorcycles in India in five years

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