Apple iPad Mini Toyota Corolla

It has not even been a month ever since Apple launched its iPad Mini. This little wonder is yet to show its prowess among the tech-savvy generation. However, the iPad Mini has already found a place in the automobile industry. If accepted well, then that day is not far when we will get to see it in most of the cars on the road. This 7.9-inch tablet has been used by an audio system specialist, who has fitted it into a 2012 Toyota Corolla sedan.

Soundwaves of Tampa, a Florida based company, specializes in giving their customers the best audio experience while driving their favorite vehicles. Now the company has caught hold of the recently launched iPad Mini and installed it in the Corolla. This is first time when an aftermarket kit has used a tablet in a car. The tuning company created a special console on the dashboard so that the iPad Mini can just slide through it and fits there perfectly.

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Well, that gives a touch-screen interface inside your car and thus a difference experience all together. The apps on the iPad Mini like the maps can come as a great advantage just like any other navigation system. The music too can be accessed and your favorite playlist is right in front of you. The company claims that it can fit the tablet in most of the cars. The installation cost starts at around $800 (Rs. 44,000/- approximately). Well, mind you, it does not include the iPad Mini’s cost.

Toyota Corolla Tuned

Apple iPad Mini Tuned Corolla

Apple iPad Mini Corolla Dashboard