Red Rooster Yamaha R15 Turbo

The Yamaha R15 is the most dynamically accomplished motorcycle, offering splendid handling, supreme high speed stability and stupendous braking power. If there is anything to complain about the R15, it is the poor pillion seat (in the Version 2.0) and mediocre performance. When we say mediocre, we mean the R15 is simply not fast enough to make you skip a beat or two. However Bangalore based Red Rooster Performance is working on a solution, wherein the R15 is being given some forced induction to become drastically faster.

The company is making a turbocharger kit for the Yamaha R15, which will work for both the V1.0 and V2.0 models. Not many companies make turbocharger kits for small motorcycles as the demand is usally less. This is certainly not the first time Red Rooster has turbocharged a vehicle, so we expect them to have good experience in ensuring the final product offers a substancial increase in performance, while at the same time remains as reliable as the stock vehicle.

The turbocharged Yamaha R15 has also been given a performance exhaust along with performance plumbing. The fairing has been removed in the teaser picture to showcase the engine, but will be added back on the final model. No details on the power increase or costs have been revealed yet but we epect this turbo R15 to produce around 22 BHP of power, with the kit costing no less than Rs. 50,000/-. Expect the turbocharged Yamaha R15 to reach 100 km/hr in around 9 seconds. However the performance increase depends on the boost levels.