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Closer handlebar and sleek body design ensures comfort for the rider

Ergonomics – Riding position in the TVS NTORQ 125 is like any other regular scooter. The position is upright (meaning comfortable) and there’s enough space on the footboard, you can lock your leg very well too. Further aiding in a comfortable ride is the double stitched Hysteresis seat that’s wide enough for the rider as well as the pillion. While the mirrors on the handlebar provide good visibility of what’s behind you, the under-seat storage features a USB charger and an LED light. The 22-litres under seat storage is not big enough to accommodate a full-size helmet because of the sleek design, however, a half-face helmet can be gobbled up with ease. There is a key fob near the left side panel which if turned left, the external fuel filler cap pops up and if turned right, the under-seat can be accessed.

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Straight line performance is intimidating but not exciting

Performance – At the heart of the matter lies a 124.79cc 3-valve engine by TVS. This is an all-new engine developed ground-up. The performance is stellar at the 3 valves offer radical torque delivery. But it’s only the mid-range that’s strong. Lower down in the rev range, the engine lacks punch, while it goes out of breath post 85 km/hr. It takes a while to get moving but once past 40 km/hr, the throttle gets sensitive and has an urge to deliver. I could do 0-60 km/hr in 9.3 seconds, well this was on the console and a lap of TVS’ Hosur track in 1 minute 45 seconds.

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First 125cc scooter from TVS and it has the strongest mid-range

The TVS NTORQ has an attention seeking exhaust note, best in the 125cc segment

At 9.4 PS of power and 10.5 Nm of torque, the engine matches standard requirement for the numbers. However, it has a calm reaction to throttle when at a dead stop. The NVH levels are very well maintained. There are no unwanted vibrations coming from the engine or harshness felt anywhere. There’s some noise but then there’s the exhaust note to cover it up. More to say it matches the grunt of the Apache series (RR 310 excluded).

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Flick it around and it will change direction without a second glance

Riding Dynamics – Once you sit on the TVS NTorq 125, the handlebar is slightly closer than other scooters giving a more comfortable riding posture. The NTORQ rides like any other scooter but the difference is felt when you try to have some fun. The chunky 100 section front and 110 section rear tyre give plenty of rubber for amazing grip. The scooter flicks around and changes direction in no time, holding the line in a corner very well. The front feels too light and hence isn’t confidence inspiring. But the slightly stiffly sprung suspension help improves the feedback from the road really well. The 220 mm petal disc brake at the front have an amazing bite and a positive feedback all the time. The rear 130 mm drum brake, however, feel sluggish and just locks at one point.