2012 Volkswagen Golf platform

The German auto manufacturer, Volkswagen has revealed it’s all new platform called “Modularer Querbaukasten” or MQB in short for easier pronunciation. The MQB platform has been designed primarily for the upcoming 7th generation Golf along with some other models also. Volkswagen has stated that this MQB platform will be used in their cars like the Polo, Beetle, Golf, Scirocco, Jetta, Tiguan, Touran, Sharan, Passat and CC, the upcoming Q3 and many Skoda and Seat models. So many cars sharing the same platform clearly say how important the development t of the MQB platform was for the company.

One of the important aspects of this platform is the flexibility in fixing of the wheelbase, overall length, track width, wheel size and the relative seating positions in the vehicle. The MQB platform is a really dynamic one with suiting the requirements from a compact hatch like the Golf to a luzury sedan like the Passat. Other things like the distance from the wheel center to the pedal are fixed in the platform and will be the same for all the models. Volkswagen states this is to provide a unified front-end system.

Slated to debut at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show in March in the Audi Q3, this platform wills surely is one of the key strategies to reduce the costs and increase profit margins across their models. The MQB platform also has a Modular Petrol Engine (MOB) which delivers power outputs from 60 PS to 150 PS and will feature Cylinder Deactivation Technology (ACT). The Modular Diesel Engine (MDB) has a power range between 90 PS to 190 PS. Volkswagen has already set aggressive targets on itself to become the Number 1 car maker overtaking Toyota by 2020. The Golf with the MQB platform will be showcased at the Paris Motor Show.

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