“BlueMotion” the next thing by the German car brand Volkswagen – Das Auto making its mark in the Indian Auto industry. Mercedes Benz says it Blue-efficiency and the Bimmer, BMW calls it Efficient Dynamics. These Blue technologies has nothing to do with the color blue, it’s just a fine blend of some modern age technologies for better performance and better fuel efficiency. Making it further more convenient and eco-friendly too. So let’s have a ride in the Blue Park to understand what it is all about.

Improved aerodynamics:

The vehicle is re-designed for some factors to reduce the air drag, particularly on the underbody and lower ride height. less air drag results for better and easy attainment of top speed reducing the high acceleration rate

Reduced rpm level:

Engines are built to run on low rpm ranges but having a reconfigured gearbox (modified gear spread) which doesn’t affect the driving torque or the speed as compared to the conventional car.

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Lower exhaust gas values:

Since the top gear has been configured with a higher ratio in the Blue-Motion gearboxes, the engine speed is reduced compared with conventional gearboxes. Reducing the engine speed reduces the CO2 emissions as well as the fuel consumption.

Low rolling resistance tires.

It has been possible to further reduce the rolling resistance of the tyres by improving the material properties. The engine power of the vehicle therefore has to overcome less tyre rolling resistance to accelerate the vehicle. This helps save fuel.

Regeneration (energy recovery during braking)

This function has been configured so that the alternator voltage is raised in the deceleration and braking phases. This leads to increased charging of the battery. This supports the deceleration of the vehicle. The alternator load is thus reduced in acceleration phases. This relieves the burden on the engine and thus reduces fuel consumption

Low-friction drive shafts

Special material modifications have allowed the smooth-running properties of the drive shaft bearings to be improved thanks to lower frictional resistance. Less friction means less energy loss and thus lower fuel consumption.

Start/stop system

This smart system is used to reduce the consumption by automatically switching off the engine while the vehicle is stationary and then starting it again automatically when the driver wants to drive off. The start/stop mode is activated automatically as soon as the vehicle has traveled at a speed of at least 3km/h for around four seconds after pulling away.

– Deep Makwana