If you own a white car or are planning to purchase one in white, be proud of your choice. White has been crowned as the most popular coluor for cars for the second year in a row taking over from silver in the past decade. The result comes out from a study conducted by PPG Industries, a leading supplier for automotive paints. White was used on over 25 percent of the vehicles sold in 2013, an increase by 3 percent over the previous year, followed by silver and black tied at 18 percent each. Coming in third on the list was grey at 12 percent, followed by red at 9 percent, tan at 8 percent, blue at 7 percent, green at 2 percent and other colours contributing 1 percent.

The study conducted by PPG Industries comprised of North America, Europe and Asia Pacific regions where white has taken the top spot over other colour options. While in South America, silver is still the king. The survey also included purchases made for fleets and commercial purposes which also have tipped in favour for the colour White. Also white is the most common colour to be found in every vehicle segment and thus most easily available. In recent years, white has been perceived as a high tech colour or the colour of the higher order thanks mostly to electronic companies promoting their elite range in white (read Apple and Samsung) that has also contributed to the popularity of white on vehicles.

Most modern paint companies are developing new shades and hues to offer on vehicles, over the standard solid paint shades. White as a whole is not simply restricted to a washout white but rather is developed with different shades from white shades to creamy hues, even the coatings on offer like metallic finish, matte and satin white finish have also contributed to the rich nature of white colour. Every automotive paint supplier is developing different shades and hues with each colour having close to 10 different options on offer.

The study also concluded that colours with solid tones such as yellows and pinks are also gaining preference thanks to their funky nature, while attracting more younger customers to their dealerships. Colours like blue and red are also picking up in North America for their sporty nature. White comes as one of the most sought after colour in India as well. It provides as a higher resale value and is symbolised with the essence of purity. From the Maruti Suzuki Alto to Rolls-Royce Phantom, the shine of white commands all segments. For automakers, white comes as the cheapest colour to paint and this study confirms that the colour has a long way to go.

Tata Safari Storme Explorer Edition White