Yamaha India organised its Yamaha Safe Riding Science (YSRS) initiative in Pune. The key objective of the activity was to impart safety riding techniques among youth and help contribute to an accident-free traffic environment. Attended by 100 students of P V G’s College of Engineering & Technology, Pune, the day long program was divided into 2 sessions – 1st was a classroom or theoretical session and 2nd was practical session wherein 3 practical skills were taught – slow balancing, slalom and braking. YSRS is focused especially on inculcating safe riding habits and raising traffic safety awareness among local communities.

The YSRS initiative has been developed by the company in accordance with its basic philosophy of “Safety riding being achieved by intelligent activity, not by the operation or movement”. Intelligent activity, in turn, is achieved by imbibing and following traffic safety rules & values into riding. The company has also prepared a short film of 20 minutes duration, in which it has scientifically analyzed impact force, inertia force and frictional force from a road traffic viewpoint. Yamaha launched YSRS initiative in India in 2008, and has successfully introduced it to the youth of Delhi, Nagpur, Goa, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore. After receiving encouraging responses from the respective states, Yamaha has taken forward this initiative to the youth of Pune and the company hopes that it will go a long way in inculcating safe riding habits among them.