Yamaha India will be recalling 1155 units of the R3 to fix a couple of issues and replace the affected parts.

2015 Yamaha R3 Test Ride Review
Yamaha India has recalled 1155 units of the R3

Yamaha had earlier recalled the R3 for an issue related to the clutch. The company is again recalling the bike to fix a couple of other issues. Bikes manufactured in 2015 and 2016 are affected by this recall. The recall is for the USA market and has been extended to India with 1155 units being affected.

The first issue is related to the fuel tank fitting bracket which may cause the fuel tank to crack through engine vibrations and leak fuel. The second issue is related to the main power switch which may get corroded by water and cause the bike to stall.

Yamaha dealers will be replacing the defective parts with new parts that are slightly modified. Yamaha India will start contacting customers to notify them about further details of the recall, starting immediately. The modified parts will be replaced free of cost.

Yamaha YZF-R3 Recalled

– The fuel tank fitting bracket causes the tank to crack and leak fuel
– The main power switch may get corroded and cause stalling
– All models of the Yamaha R3 are affected, including those in the US and India

2016 Yamaha R3 Test Ride Review
Dealers will replace the affected parts with new modified parts