2020 Yamaha XSR155
This bike would prove to be a good daily commuter

Yamaha is not thinking about the India launch of the XSR155

Do you like the Yamaha XSR155? Do you want the firm to launch it in India? Well, it is better not to hold your breath for it.

The Japanese brand is currently not considering the product for the Indian market despite bikers here showing plentiful interest on the retro-style 155cc motorcycle.

Senior Vice President (Sales and Marketing) of India Yamaha Motor, Ravinder Singh, has revealed that the brand will focus on the FZX, which was recently launched, instead of the XSR motorcycle.

According to him, the FZX was made especially for India based on surveys conducted by Yamaha. “We found this bike to be most suitable, from a cost and market penetration point of view,” Singh has stated.

2020 Yamaha XSR155 Instrument Cluster
Many Indians showed interest for the retro-style motorcycle ever since it was revealed abroad

He added that the company finds the FZX to be more relevant for the Indian market and reiterated that it matches the market requirement.

The Yamaha XSR155, which is based on the R15 and MT-15 platform, is powered by a liquid-cooled 155cc engine what puts out 19.3 HP and 14.7 Nm of torque. It has a 6-speed gearbox with a slipper clutch as well.

On the other hand, the FZX is based on the FZ FI platform and is powered by a 149cc motor making 12.4 PS and 13.3 Nm. It comes with a 5-speed transmission. The difference between both models is for everyone to see, really.

It is a shame that Yamaha XSR155 India launch is not being evaluated. But, considering the numbers both R15 and MT-15 manage to bring for the brand, the retro-style bike’s arrival could only improve Yamaha’s market share in the 150cc segment.