BMW is preparing to launch a new sub-brand in China along with their Chinese partners, Brilliance. This new sub-brand will be named Zhi Nuo, which means ‘The Promise’. The English name for this sub-brand is not yet known. New cars will be launched under the name Zhi Nuo which will be based on the older generation BMW 3-Series platform. The brand will have its own dealership and service network. The exact information of when BMW and Brilliance will launch this new sub-brand is not available.

BMW and Brilliance have registered the new sub-brand in China and many reports have said that the Zhi Nuo name too has been confirmed. It was earlier said that by end of 2012 more information about Zhi Nuo or their products would be available from the parent companies. But now it is believed that BMW and Brilliance will launch the brand as well as release information about the goals and its target markets at the 2013 Shanghai Auto Show in April.

Initially it was said that the products from Zhi Nuo will be based on the last generation BMW 3-Series platform (E90). But now it is also being speculated that a modified BMW X1 platform will be used. The two companies have already revealed the details of all this to their dealers and are taking feedback and suggestions in the planning of the new sub-brand. Zhi Nuo is part of BMW’s expansion plans in China and this will enable them to get permission for the second factory in Shenyang’s Tie Xi district.

2013 BMW X1 Facelift

Source – China Car Times