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KTM Duke vs Honda CBR250R vs Yamaha R15

KTM Duke vs Honda CBR250R vs Yamaha R15 – Click above for high resolution picture gallery

Shootout – Yamaha R15 vs KTM Duke 200 vs Honda CBR250R

600 cc, 67 BHP and Rs. 4.2 lakhs. No, this is not one bike but three of the best performance motorcycles on sale in India today. I am talking about the Yamaha R15, KTM Duke 200 and the Honda CBR250R. When the KTM Duke 200 was launched, we did a quick comparison with its competitors (here), but little did we know that on the road everything would turn out so different. Yes, we rode the three motorcycles back to back extensively to find out which emerges as the outright winner as the best performance bike in India today. So stay glued to your chairs as this is the most interesting battle in the Indian motorcycling industry we have seen in years.

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Before we started the shootout, the three new kids on the block went to pay a visit to the motorcycle which started it all. The Bajaj Pulsar 220 has not been included in this test because the Pulsar 200 NS is coming soon and thus it wouldn’t make sense to buy a P220 at this stage. The Pulsar 220 is still massive fun though and quite fast too. The Honda CBR150R is grossly overpriced and thus has not been included in this test.

Styling – All the three motorcycles have very different styling. Based on the looks alone it will be difficult to chose one since all are very pleasing to look at. All the three bikes take inspiration from their bigger siblings, the Yamaha R15 look like a mini R1, the Duke 200 takes heavy cues from the Duke 990, while the Honda CBR250R draws styling inspiration from none other than the mighty VFR1200F. Thus all internationally acclaimed designs so you can’t go wrong with either. But which bike draws the most eye candy is the question?

[singlepic id=8202 w=540 h=375 float=center]

The simple answer is the Yamaha R15 Version 2.0 which is an outright sporty looking motorcycle. Inspired from the R1 and R6,  any angle you view the R15 pleases the visual senses to a great extent. Right from the twin headlights in the front to the R6 inspired tail, the R15 looks well balanced and proportionate. Infact the R15 looks so good that many end up buying it just for the way it looks.

The KTM Duke 200’s naked street-fighter styling and the bare minimum parts ensure it flexes its muscles and proudly at that. Right from the orange colour to the exposed trellis frame, the Duke has charisma to attract eye balls. Mind you, pictures just don’t do justice to the Duke 200 and one needs to see it in person to understand how hot it looks. Even though the Duke is just a 200 cc bike, it looks much bigger thanks to its beefy looks.

[singlepic id=11802 w=540 h=375 float=center]

The Honda CBR250R on the other end features conservative styling, which is-int a bad thing. The design is quite neutral and pleases all. Honda has not really bothered much about the styling aspects and small changes (black alloys, LED tail lights) could make the CBR250R looks so much better. The inspiration from the VFR1200F on a CBR250R is confusing though and the CBR250R does not feature cuts and creases like the other too.

Styling Verdict – Yamaha R15 V2.0, KTM Duke 200, Honda CBR250R

Instrument Cluster and Switch Gear – One of the most important parts of a motorcycle is the instrument cluster. It is your dashboard and getaway to vital information. All the three motorcycles have very good instrument clusters and deciding the best among them is not an easy task. But it’s the KTM Duke 200’s instrumentation which is the winner here. The simple, almost square cluster is light dependent and features a plethora of information, which the other two don’t even come close to. You have two trip-meters, distance to empty, average fuel consumption, average riding time, gear shift indicator and what not present on the console. An analog tachometer and slight bigger read outs could only improve the Duke’s instrument cluster.

[singlepic id=11811 w=540 h=375 float=center]

The Yamaha R15’s instrument cluster comes in second, thanks to the large tachometer and decently sized display for the speedometer, odometer and fuel meter. The R15 features twin trip meters and one will love the way the tachometer needle bounces around as you extract every ounce of juice from the 150 cc motor. The Honda CBR250R’s instrumentation comes in a close third and the design is simple and nothing eye catchy. The tachometer has been given the prime importance on the cluster, with a digital display right below it. If Honda has taken styling cues from the VFR, why not take the instrument cluster from the VFR too? All these motorcycles have very good switch gear quality, with the usual placement of buttons. The KTM Duke 200 is the only motorcycle which has back-lit switches, which is a cool touch.

Instrument Cluster Verdict – KTM Duke 200, Yamaha R15 V2.0, Honda CBR250R

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Performance and Gearbox – I am sure this is the most important parameter which most look at when buying any of these motorcycles. All the three bikes are powered by single-cylinder, 4-stroke, 4-valve, liquid cooled engines but that is where the similarities end. The smallest engined and the least powerful bike here is the Yamaha R15 Version 2.0, which is powered by a 149.8 cc engine. The R15’s motor produces 16.76 BHP (17 PS) of peak power at 8500 RPM and 15 Nm of peak torque at 7500 RPM. With a weight of 136 kgs, the Yamaha R15 has a power to weight ratio of 123 BHP / ton. This gives the Yamaha a 0 – 100 km/h time of 12.78 seconds and a top speed of 130 km/hr.

The most powerful motorcycle here is the Honda CBR250R, which is armed with a 249.6 cc, DOHC engine, producing 25 BHP of peak power at 8500 RPM and 23 Nm of peak torque at 7000 RPM. The CBR250R is the heaviest here, weighing in at 167 kgs. This gives the CBR250R a power to weight ratio of 150 BHP/ton. Twist the throttle of the CBR250R with full force and it will reach 100 km/hr in less than 9 seconds. Keep going further and the CBR250R will gladly nudge past 150 km/hr, thereby claiming the highest top speed of the trio.

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The KTM Duke 200 also produces 25 BHP of peak power but at a higher 10,000 RPM. Powered by a 199.5 cc, short stroke motor, the Duke 200 produces 19.2 Nm of peak torque at 8000 RPM. The Duke weighs the same as the R15, which at 136 kgs gives it insane power to weight ratio of 184 BHP / ton. The Duke 200 reaches 100 km/h in 9.4 seconds and hits a top speed of 138 km/h. All the three motorcycles have very different engines, with the power output concentrated in different bands. The KTM Duke 200 has good low and mid-range punch, the Yamaha R15 and Honda CBR250R have good mid and high end grunt. None of these bikes will disappoint you though and you can have as much fun on either of these.

On paper the Duke looks like the most powerful machine, thanks to its low weight while the Yamaha R15 feels the slowest due to the less power it produces. But on the road, this could change. So without much ado, lets talk which is faster. Simply put, even with a 30 kgs disadvantage, it is the Honda CBR250R which is the faster machine here. The Duke 200 might out run it in in gear acceleration timings but the CBR250R makes up for it in out right acceleration. The tall geared Honda still has some steam left when the Duke 200’s revv limiter kicks in at 10,500 RPM.

[singlepic id=11800 w=540 h=375 float=center]

In a quarter mile drag race (video can be viewed here, shows actual experience and yes the riders above are lining up for one), the Honda CBR250R just edges out in front and that is all thanks to the shorter gearing of the Duke 200. Initially the Duke 200 nudges forward but as speeds built up, the KTM rider has to keep up-shifting, causing crucial loss of time. At the end of the 400-meters, the Duke 200 hits 126 km/h in sixth gear, while the Honda will still be pulling strong at 128 km/h in fourth gear with two gears to go! The top-end of the CBR250R is truly amazing and the Honda engine needs special mention for the top levels of refinement, which the other two don’t even come close to matching.

The real problem with the KTM Duke 200 lies in its short gearing, which isn’t a problem if you don’t compare it to the Honda CBR250R. The red-line comes very quickly and one can’t really shift at the right time due to the speed at which the revvs climb in the Duke 200. The Duke doesn’t feel out of steam near its red-line and the deliberate limiting at 10,500 RPM has been done for reliability. The Honda CBR250R’s tall gearing gives the rider plenty of time to plan up-shifts, ensuring right shifts and optimum use of power.

[singlepic id=11809 w=540 h=375 float=center]

The Yamaha R15 Version 2.0 is no match for the other two here and simply doesn’t have the hardware to keep up with them on flat out acceleration. The highly aerodynamic nature also means that one has to lean forward aggressively to boost top speed. At around 118 km/h, the R15 starts struggling and the wind resistance is too much to overcome at times. Reaching 130 km/h takes a very long time, while the other two are very quick in zooming past 130 km/h thanks to the strong power and torque they produce.

The Yamaha R15’s engine sounds sporty as revvs build up. The Honda engine sounds refined and soft all throughout the power band and never does it feel stressed or uneasy, no matter how much you thrash it. The Duke 200 on the other end is vocal from the word go. The sound from the engine is present right from idle to the red-line and the Duke 200 sounds like a 2-stroke motor. The Duke’s under seat exhaust gets really loud and boomy around 6000 RPM and the revvs build up very quickly, unlike its Japanese rivals whose revvs don’t build up near as quick.

If one wants to ride on the track, the Honda motor is very well suited for on the limit throttle. For the city, the Duke 200’s powerplant feels extremely good and upto the job and the torque curve is insane. So good is the torque band that one can simply put the KTM in 6th gear at 30 km/h without a single hesitation from the powerplant. In-gear acceleration is easily the best and the Duke 200’s throttle is very crisp and eager. All the three bikes have a 6-speed manual gearbox, with light and precise shift action. There is very little to differentiate between the clutch and gearbox of these performance machines. The mileage is more or less the same too with the bikes stretching every litre of petrol to 35 km/l.

Performance Verdict – Honda CBR250R, KTM Duke 200, Yamaha R15 V2.0

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Ride, Handling and Braking – No prizes for guessing which motorcycle can teach the others a thing or two about handling. Armed with the famous Deltabox frame, which was developed based on Yamaha’s experience in Moto GP, the R15 rides like a train on rails. This bike will make you test your mental limit and once you start riding the R15 you will soon start exploring the Rossi within you. The R15 is point and shoot and very accurate at that, because its razor sharp handling gives it such immense flick-ability, that you feel every turn on the road is a corner on the track. Grip levels are stupendous and sometimes you would feel you are glued to the road.

The KTM Duke 200 is a very good handler too but not close to the R15 in terms of sharpness. You can point and shoot the Duke 200 and it obeys. The KTM is very flickable, and being a street-fighter it doesn’t have to be as track focused as the R15. The wide rubber gives the Duke very good grip and the light steering gives the rider ample feedback. The Honda CBR250R though is not as sharp or nimble as the other too and the extra 30 kgs are quite evident. The Honda is more suited towards comfort and cruising then putting your knee down. The R15’s sporty seating position makes the rider feel at home when you put your knee down.

The Duke’s seating is upright which doesn’t give the sense of sportyness. This actually goes in the Duke 200’s favour as for long distance riding, the Duke feels extremely comfortable, while the R15 feels too sporty and aggressive. The Honda CBR250R’s seating is right between the Duke 200 and the R15 as its not too sporty nor too upright and is a balance of both. While the Honda does handle well, it doesn’t come close to the nimble, flickable and razor sharp behaviour of the R15 and Duke 200. But all this changes as speeds build up and once past 120 km/h, the Duke 200 doesn’t feel as stable as the CBR250R. The R15’s wind tunnel tested shape gives it insanely good stability at high speeds but none beat the CBR250R in this regard.

[singlepic id=11813 w=540 h=375 float=center]

The extra 30 kgs of weight give the Honda a massive advantage at high speeds. You never feel your going fast enough, because the CBR250R stays glued to the road, even at 140 km/h. At such speeds, the CBR250R is still very sharp and one can do quick flicks from one lane to another, without any twitch whatsoever. The R15 and Duke 200 feel as good a handler in the hands of a beginner but one really needs to be decently experienced to extract the best out of the CBR250R. All the three bikes have very good weight distribution. If you are planing to ride on the track often, you should get the Yamaha R15, there is no two ways about it. But if you ride at very high speeds frequently, then the CBR250R is your best bet. For a mix of both track and highways, the KTM Duke 200 fits the bill perfectly.

Braking performance of all the three motorcycles is very strong. All of them feature disc brakes all around with grippy and wide rubber. Honda offers C-ABS as an option, which makes the CBR250R’s brakes easily the best of the trio. But when you consider the non-ABS version of the CBR250R, it is the Yamaha R15 which easily outshines the others in braking performance, offering stupendous stopping power. The R15’s brakes are so good that if you brake hard from three digit speeds, it doesn’t twitch or slide and stops dead in its tracks. The KTM Duke 200 also has extremely good brakes, slightly better than the CBR250R (non-ABS). You can’t go wrong with either of these machines though, as all offer extremely good pedal feel and brake bite.

The ride quality of all these motorcycles is aided by monoshock suspension at the rear, while the front is telescopic forks in the CBR250R and the R15, while the Duke 200 has upside-down forks made by WP. The Honda feels the most comfortable of the three, absorbing bumps and offering a very compliant ride. The Duke 200 and R15 are a close second with slightly stiffer settings, giving the rider some feel of terrible roads. The pillion seat of the Yamaha R15 Version 2.0 is quite un-useable due to high rear seat and lack of grab rails.

[singlepic id=11803 w=540 h=375 float=center]

The KTM Duke deserves a special mention for its stunt-ability. Yes the baby Duke is very easy to stunt on (Rok Bagoros proved that already!). The light weight, torquey engine and sharp brakes ensure that you can do stoppies effortlessly.

Dynamics Verdict – Very difficult to chose one as all three motorcycles offer the very best in ride, handling, braking and high speed stability. If I had to chose one though, I would pick the Duke 200 as I don’t ride on the track and there are not many roads where you can do speeds which the Honda CBR250R is capable off!

Conclusion – After riding three of the most powerful made in India bikes, I am still in a loom of confusion as to which is the best. The problem is that all three offer so much, yet differ drastically in every aspect. The Yamaha R15 is less powerful and if it came with a 250 cc engine, it would easily out run the other two, but sadly it doesn’t and hence comes number three in this shootout. This makes it a close battle between the Honda CBR250R and KTM Duke 200, both of which are very powerful machines with excellent dynamics. The Honda CBR250R is a motorcycle you can tame, delivering power in a sane and refined manner. The Duke 200 on the other hand is all out bonkers, wanting to just gallop away with so much eagerness all thorough out the power band.

[singlepic id=11815 w=540 h=375 float=center]

The Honda CBR250R Standard is priced at Rs. 1.65 lakhs, the KTM Duke 200 is priced at Rs. 1.32 lakhs and the Yamaha R15 Version 2.0 is priced at Rs.1.21 lakhs (all prices on-road, Mumbai). At these prices, the KTM Duke 200 looks the most tempting of the three offering the highest power per Rupee and the most fun, making it our choice. But at the end of day, you can’t go wrong with either and it all boils down to personal preference. Doing this exhaustive comparison only gave me a sense of satisfaction, that we the bikers are not starved of good motorcycles anymore. So are you Ready To Race? I sure am!

Trivia – In a poll conducted on MotorBeam (Which is your performance motorcycle?), 46% selected the Duke 200, 24% selected the Honda CBR250R and 20% selected the Yamaha R15 (the rest 10% selected the Karizma ZMR).

Why Pick Up The Yamaha R15 Over The KTM Duke 200 and Honda CBR250R?

  • Sporty Looks
  • Razor Sharp Handling
  • Excellent Brakes

Why Pick Up The KTM Duke 200 Over The Yamaha R15 and Honda CBR250R?

  • Insane Power and Torque Spread
  • Exhaust That Creates A Racket
  • Beefy Looks
  • 30 day delivery

Why Pick Up The Honda CBR250R Over The KTM Duke 200 and Yamaha R15?

  • Engine Refinement and Performance
  • High Speed Stability
  • Ride Quality

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Riders – Deepak Dongre, Hanoz Patel, Mohit Soni ; Photography – Dr. Javeid A Khan

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  • Aryan

    Thats a awsome Review Guyz…. thanks Dude

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    Great Job Guys..I would prefer handling over power.So its yam for me. Duke is to raw to handle, it could be better with a split handle bar.

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    The Best Review of the Three best sports bikes in Indian Motorcycle Market.
    Thanks Motorbeam.

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    pretty much the expected conclusion:). .though honestly r15 is no longer worth it(how many racetracks in total in India?!+accessibility of these) with the launch of duke 200.

  • hritik

    great comapro fas….

    duke is my choice among these 3…its just an incredible motorcycle

    waiting for yamaha to join the 250cc bandwagon soon,hopefully wid R25 :D

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    btw they shud pay homage to Original Karizma …before the pulsar

    afterall it was the first tru sports bike of india

    • Faisal

      Hritik, the Pulsar came in first in 2001. The Karizma came in 2003.

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      if u consider that a performance bike den cbz cam even bfr that :P

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      hi buddy
      but karizma is not a sports bike its a tourer

  • Madhav

    Awesome review.. Was eagerly waiting for it. Duke offers more power per rupee. Thanx to Bajaj.

    If you can also please compare the build quality of these machines, then this comparo should be complete.
    As we know cbr has got some issues with plastics and Duke being manufactured by bajaj, It will be really helpful for prospective buyer to make the decision.

    • Faisal

      Thanks Madhav. The built quality of all these bikes is top notch. Bajaj Auto has done a fab job with the quality of the Duke, while the CBR250R has been resolved by Honda and the quality is extremely good. Yamaha, do I even need to say anything?

    • madhav

      Really good to know that Duke is of better quality and CBR has fixed quality related issues.
      @Faisal: How would you rank these bikes in terms of quality?

    • Faisal

      Madhav, really difficult to say as all three bikes are almost on par in this regard.

    • Manty Ahmed

      bajaj provides good build quality for the price it asks.infact best build quality for d price if they’re askng premium for duke obv build quality wil b great.if u pay alot bajaj wil even provide u bmw quality.same duke 200 sold in brainer why duke provides best build quality among indian bikes.

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    hats off….. motorbeam for wonderful shootout…..:)

  • karan

    R15 Looks More like R6 not R1

    • Faisal

      Karan, front is R1 while rear is R6.

    • karan

      are you referring to the old R1? cause if R15 looks like anywhere near to the R1, its the 2007-08 model. New one is different, and to be honest i don’t like the headlights. Bike is very awesome though. Waiting for the launch of R6, do you guys have any news regarding that?

    • Faisal I don’t quite agree with you. Karan is right even the front headlamp, the exhaust, the taillamp everythink speaks the inspirations from R6 rather than R1 which is completely different in these regards. Somewhat very slightly but the fairing is more nearer to R6 although I agree that R6,R1 are similar in fairing. Even I have always felt that it is a baby R6 rather than a baby R1.

    • Faisal

      Well guys, yes the R6 inspiration is veyr prominent in version 2.0 but it was first designed with as a mini-R1.

    • mini-R1 Yamaha calls it since R1 is their flagship product not R6. And people consider Litre class bikes to be more standard big-bike. Yamaha just tunes the Vixion sold in Indonesia and provided it with a fairing similar to the R-series. Honestly saying I never felt the V1 looked like belonging to the R-series atleast in looks department and also the power to some extent. If you consider R-125 it was a bike made as an R-series from the ground up and the grunt it has as a 125cc bike still cannot be matched by a 150cc R-15. The build quality of R-125 is way above R15 or even much more than CBR-150. Having said that I commend Yamaha for offering a nice product as R15 V2 which now looks somewhat like belonging to the R-series.

  • tushar

    hey guys .
    U have really done a fantastic job there…

  • madusha


    the CBR does have the extra extra trip meter at the flick of a button.
    And yes, not many roads to max a CBR… just yesterday i ran out of clear road on the highway with the speedo reading 147 :(

    • Faisal

      Madusha, oops missed that. Corrected it now. Yes, our roads are not good enough for what speeds the CBR250R is capable off.

  • Fatima Khan

    hi faisal and team,

    indeed it is a commendable job. The review was so elaborate and so exhaustive that it gave me a final verdict as to which bike to go for as i am planning to buy one soon.
    Keep up the great work team.
    Looking forward for more of such interesting reviews.

  • Pulsarboy

    How is that mileage of CBR is 35kmpl? shouldn’t it be 25 kmpl?

    Good effort, but these are very different motorcycles, you can’t choose one over the others, you can only choose one for the purpose.

    Touring & relaxed riding – CBR250
    City riding & donn’t mind to work gear box for fun – Duke 200
    Track focussed riding – R15

    • To the point . i have a pulsar 150, i use it for offroading and city riding.
      you cant race on roads so no duke for me at the moment.
      thinking to add cbr250 into stable

      @faisal how s cbr150 ? i am looking for touring . cbr250 seems like a good choice ?

    • Faisal

      Lali, for touring CBR250R the best bet. CBR150R not that powerful.

    • jijo

      Kudoos MBteam…superb review,..
      I love these era in indian bike segment..they all are good in its own respects…
      But the game is not over..sure that fazer 250s,pulsar 350s may still be in the pipeline…but the bike am eagerly waiting for is SUZUKI GD 250 INUZUMA…..The point that differs Inuzuma is,it has a TWIN CYLINDER engine compared to other 250cc single cylinders out there..Suzukis are the real underdogs in indian bike arena…never brain washed us with colorful ads and publicity stunts,they may never stunned us with sexy looks…still a simple and elegant look was there in them..but also they never compromised on performance and quality of parts…hope the new Suzuki INUZUMA can leave a lasting mark in the minds of true bikers..(not to FANBOYS who lacks true biking spirits and only loves to fight all the time over sales figure charts ;) ,)…

  • Nice review and writing their @Fas. Everything is fine except that CBR 250R gives 35kmpl. I hope you meant in between 25-30kmpl ;) What I liked about the review was the plus and minus of the bikes are very well written. I second you for debarring CBR150 from this comparo on those stands. This was a long overdue comparo hehe.

    My take on the bikes –
    +ve –
    R15 – looks, superb handling, high end power
    D200 – Exhaust note, exclusitivity, only-premium brand, powerful big engine, handling, rear tyre looks
    CBR250 – Big bike feel (outclasses other two), powerful biggest engine here, engine grunt

    -ve –
    R15 – not powerful compared to the two, rear pillion seat uncomfortable, long distance ride uncomfortable
    D200 – no fairing, only orange color, vocal at very high revs,
    CBR250 – power not according to cc, handling not so good, heavy

    @Deepak, nice to see you man joining MB. Would love to have your take on the bikes as well.

    • Faisal

      Abhisek, the mileage figures are what Deepak is getting in real riding conditions.

    • Well @Fas, Deepak cares his bikes really well and is a sane rider ;) but considering as an average of all CBR250s 35 would seem to be overall mileage rather than city mileage. 35 is what R15 gives in city. Overall it would give more than that. May be around 38-40. Even many Duke owners have posted mileage in between 40-50 overall so that point would be raised by many. I would suggest you guys do a serious mileage testing on equally well maintained bike in equal road & traffic conditions. Of course CBR250 has big 250cc engine so it would be giving somewhat lesser mileage than R15 but ofcourse the power and feel of driving a 25 HP 250cc bike or 200cc 25 HP bike (D200) can’t be matched by a 150cc 16.7 HP bike. But for having a smaller engine it would be lil more economical.

  • karan

    And common guys “grossly overpriced” is not a reason to leave Honda CBR150R out of the comparison, i was looking forward to it.

    • Faisal

      Karan, the CBR150R is priced at Rs. 1.34 lakhs (on-road, Mumbai), which is more than the KTM Duke 200. Doesn’t that make it grossly overpriced?

  • Hunky

    Excellent review.. Loved reading it.. Need some video on drag, stunting and cornering too :)

    • Faisal

      Hunky, wait for three hours, you won’t be disappointed! But no stunting or cornering in the video.

  • Nithesh

    Just so you know the CBR 250R does 0-100 in 8.5 seconds. Whoever did it in 10.0 needs to get some proper riding classes first.. 10 seconds on a 250R lmao ..

    • Faisal

      Nithesh, who gave you that misleading figure?

  • Ashwath

    awesome review work done guys….keep up the good work….I am a proud owner of ktm duke….n wanted to know where it stands as compared to others.

  • Hi guys,

    As to the mileage figures talked about here, the CBR gives me between 35-38 in city commuting- I generally don’t ride above 80- well I never get a chance to. Its been 3 months and over 6000 kms since I have got the bike. So u can take my word that its not just a one time figure that am talking abt. Though I have bought a bigger hearted bike, I still keep a very good eye on the fuel refill and the kms clocked. The FI on the Honda is a real miser. And talking of trips- I would suggest any CBR owner to take this test. Fuel in and keep cruising between 100-110 on the trip- I bet u won’t get any less than 35 unless and until u rev it too much in every gear. The CBR doesn’t need that much of a throttle input- it makes very healthy torque between 5000-8000 rpm and it doesn’t drink that much either at these revs. When talking abt bigger engines, if an RE in the capacity of 350-500 can give u 30, why cannot a modern tech-pgmfi give u more at half the displacement.

  • @Fas: If u permit, I can add my inputs.

    • Faisal

      Deepak, I am waiting for your inputs since the time this review was published ;-)

  • Cbr is looking good,it is stylish

  • Neil

    Hi Motorbeam,

    Very will scripted review and i simply loved reading it.

    Well done mates.

    Just a point of concern here with the duke. As the exhaust of the duke is very much closer to the rear strut, it might actually spoil the handling ability. The damping issues may emerge in due course of time with the oil losing its viscosity.

    Any comments on this guys??


    • Faisal

      Thanks Neil, I don’t think that the exhaust would be a problem. This is not the first time someone has done such a placement and this is tried and tested. The exhaust’s location gives it excellent weight distribution. About the oil, can’t really comment now. We will have to wait for user experience on it.

  • Rahul K

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    the ultimate shootout wud b KTM Duke 200 vs Yamaha R15 V2.0 vs Honda CBR250R vs P200 NS …
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    • Faisal

      Thanks Ysak. The Pulsar 200 NS was not available at the time of this test.

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  • Well here are my inputs- I’ll try to reply to the comments too posted here by MB Readers:

    1) Starting off with a comment that was posted by Neil in the trailor post.
    The CBR is for sure isn’t impressive- its just coz it does is job with finesse and makes no fuss about it- it will gobble up miles and miles, it’ll make you feel completely at home and won’t give you a 140kph noise and feeling while going at 100. Being a Kwacker fan you should realise that the N250 feels even more subdued than the CBR under normal riding conditions until you whack it to 13,000 rpm. Now how many times are you going to take it there, and if you really do- try to take the CBR to 10,000 rpm. Want thrill- it’ll give you loads of it. I love the Ninja too and if I was in the US, I would have chosen it over the CBR. I value every hard-earned penny of mine and people might find it typical middle-class thinking, but I would buy something which will give me more value per rupee. To me the Ninja doesn’t justify the cost over the CBR for the performance and quality that it offers. Rather I would buy both the CBR and Duke in the same amount and still have money left to do a nice long ride on either of these. Do consider cost of a few spares on the green. 16k for a single front fork, 25k for rear shock, 38k for radiator, 26k for rear alloy, 3.5 k for sidestand, 15k for starter motor, 6k for front fender(mudguard), 25k for speedometer. You do have zero depreciation insurance schemes- but I have my own reservations of how hassle free they are in a country like ours. Everything seems rosy on paper. On the R15, it really does steal the show- it looks a much more expensive motorcycle than the other two…handles like a dream. On whatever stint I had on it during the shoot…I just loved it and if it wasn’t for the drags, I wouldn’t have got off ;) It simply took my heart away.

    2) The R15 being only a tracktool by Sen
    It can run on our roads too and handle with better aplomb than the Honda and the KTM.

    3) Centralisation of the exhaust by Neil
    It would actually aid handling than spoiling it. Remember the mid-ship terminology on the FZ. Damping issue can happen in all bikes and not just the KTM. Though I doubt if it’s that brittle. KTM as a brand itself stands for reliability and stunters on the Duke are a testimony to the thrashing this bike can take- so that’s the part one should be least worried about.

    4) Duke being far better and aggressive than the CBR by Rahul.
    No doubt its aggressive- be it the styling or the angry exhaust. Better- well its a very relative term. For me the term “practical” makes more sense. The light footed KTM makes great practical sense in the city, not that the CBR is a pain to ride- my daily commute is 45 kms, but the KTM can easily wriggle out of narrow gaps. The CBR shows its true colours on the highway- it’ll be calm, composed and extremely stable….will shield you from the windblast and also a better choice when it comes to two up touring. You can scamper away on an open highway or wide twisties to the extent with relative ease where the KTM would be working itself at the max flex of its muscles. Higher top end means higher sweet spot cruising speed. Also remember, a smaller capacity engine would guzzle more fuel at the higher range compared to a bigger capacity motorcycle. For e.g. at 100+ cruising on highways- my P150 used to give lower mileage figures than my friends’ ZMA and 180s. Different bikes with different applications you see, and they excel at their duties.

    In the end what I would opine is:

    Most of the people commenting here I feel would mostly using the bike for city- and the KTM makes terrific sense and value for money considering its way much cheaper than the CBR. You can in fact invest the balance money in great quality riding gear. It looks great, people will stare at it- if they do not, the exhaust will make them stand up and take notice. And I can vouch for the reliability of the KTM. If I could afford, I would have loved to have one with me. But unfortunately I do not have the reserves to own two bikes. I did think a great deal before making a choice between the CBR and the KTM- for me the CBR checked more points for my style of riding i.e. hell lot of commuting and touring too. Its a more practical bike on the highway and I do ocassionally ride with a pillion. On commuting, the CBR can do all that the KTM can in a much relaxed mindstate and lesser acoustics. Handling wise- the CBR is something that you need to get used to and I have started to get the hang of how to tame this one. The extra 30 grand for me was justified considering that the CBR will serve me for long and fulfill my requirements- you can consider that my last two bikes collectively had clocked nearly 2.5 lac kms. So graduating from a ZMA- I wanted a bike which would resemble the nature of the ZMA with enhanced performance. I would really not like to hear a loud puttering sound when touring- even the riding position of the Duke though upright isn’t something that I’ll be comfortable for good distances.

    In the end you simply cannot go wrong with either of these. The lack of one thing on a particular bike is neutralised with some other characteristic. 0-100 sprints don’t matter- using motorcycles to race looks good on the track, not on the road. Its a pleasurely object that gives you the sense of freedom- so be it a Splendor, Pulsar or a Karizma. The world is not a perfect place and its so obvious that nothing on it can be. So go ahead and take your pick..the bike which puts the most smiles on your face is the one for you, no matter what the competition offers.

    Ride safe everyone.

    • Neil


      My reply on your comments:

      All my personal views and thanks for answering my doubts!! Much appreciated mate.

      Though on the lighter note, in the Shootout Video you have literally gobbled the CBR throttle to make the Duke look lame. That 250 had a tough day ;)

      Anyways, Thanks once again.

    • Faisal

      Awesome insight there Deepak. Very well said, that at the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with either. Yes, all of them are awesome bikes in their own regard and one should not be much confused as to which one to buy, because every motorcycle offers so much to the buyer.

  • nidhin

    Hi Faisal, it was a great review and catered to most of my quires regarding the two bikes which I am considering Duke 200 and CBR 250. I would primarily use the bike for weekend touring through twisties of Kerala and once in a while will go for long distance cruising . I know that the CBR 250 would be ideal for that but I am more inclined to the Duke (I like its dynamic ability and overall nature over that of the CBR), what I want to know is that weather Duke will be to torturous for touring, I would like to add that my city riding will be bare minimum so I just want to know weather it would be a wise decision to buy the Duke or not?

    • Faisal

      Thanks Nidhin. Well the CBR250R is a better tourer. More relaxed and comfortable for long distance riding. You can take the Duke 200 too but it will compel you to twist the throttle even when you want to cruise.

  • @Fas: I seriously doubt the 10 second 0-100 run of the CBR…my feeling says its much lesser. I would say very well under 9 seconds. Will make a video, probably during the night and post- so that the km reading is visible :)

    • Faisal

      Deepak, I doubt 9 seconds though we need to check and confirm.

  • @Fas: If you have the onboard video in a cleaner format…and if you could read the CBR’s speedo and compare it to the timer.

    Or else as said I will do a video myself.

    • Faisal

      Deepak, that is the clearest video (the sun is against the camera and hence the darkness).

  • Abilash

    first of all thnx to motorbeam for such a comparo. very reading it waiting for the drag video.

    guyz remembet that u r comparing 150, 200 and a 250cc bikes.

    if yamaha launches d 250R it would take out the rest easily as you know.

    so, my pick is always the R15 v2.0

    • Faisal

      Thanks Abilash for the kind words. The drag video is up and you can watch it by going to the home page.

  • Rajat

    Great comparison Faisal! Very thoroughly goes through the pros each bike has to offer and explains how each would be the perfect bike for you as per your state of mind/requirements. Serves as a great read for those of us contemplating between the duke and cbr (and are not planning on buying both;) ). Have taken a short ride of the Duke, now onto the CBR! Again, super comparison.

    p.s. kudos to Deepak on the great reply! Very well written, captured your opinion very articulately.

    Keep up the good work guys!

    • Faisal

      Thanks Rajat for your kind words. So which one are you planning to buy?

  • Thanks everyone for the appreciation :) Shot a video of the 0-100 sprint of the CBR on the way back home at nearly 1 in the night..fixed the cam using cellotape (my poor fella). My gut feeling says its just a shade over 8 seconds. Can know the exact time only after I upload the video. As for now…good night everyone ;)

  • @Fas, somehow the mileage figure is not going under my neck. If CBR is ridden sanely it would return 35kmpl of course. But in similar conditions the other two would also return better mileage I’m sure. My friend has R15 and when he rides it sanely he gets around 40kmpl. for Duke people have reported mileage figures between 35 to 60kmpl. So 30kmpl for duke is unjustified. People have reported that their tank-to-tank calculations are very close to what the Duke’s console displays. Please have a look at these owners claims with proofs :-|

    I hope you correct it or test all the bikes in same conditions at similar speeds to ascertain the mileage of all the bikes. The criteria for mileage should be same for all the 3 bikes. Quoting mileage for CBR as per Deepak, and quoting mileage for R15 as per some other guy who rips it and yet claiming mileage for Duke from some other source is not fair for these bikes.

    I hope you get my point. In between, I really commend the job you have done in MB no editor can put so much effort and pain of reading each and every average Joe’s comment here on MB. You must get award for the best auto – Editor :)

    • Faisal

      Thanks Abhisek for the kind appreciation. Puts me on cloud 9 ;-p

      The mileage figure is a very difficult thing to judge, unless tested by the same person as you rightly put. I have edited the Duke 200’s mileage and made it 35, but I feel all these bikes will give more or less the same and there is little to differentiate these on their fuel efficiency.

  • To add to the mileage confusion…to get 30kpl out of a CBR, you will have to thrash it real hard.

  • Sushanth

    Good comparo guys. Deepak i own CBR ABS i have experienced the similar things u did in terms of mileage, handling and almost everything. I would like to add one thing more ABS, i love it, it’s amazing. Guys you can enjoy CBR to 100% satisfaction if u have ABS. 30K more can be life saving, imagine hard braking at 140 KMPH speed. Our roads(in city and highway) are filled with idiots watch out.

  • Ninu

    @ Javeid Nice pics..@ Fas nice comparo, my observations as i have driven all three for a long distance…

    1) Give R15, the engine of CBR250, it will become the best bike in India.
    2) Give Duke, the full fairing of R15, it will become the best bike in India.
    3) Shed atleast 30-35 kgs from CBR250, it will become the best bike in India.

    and for the actual Mileage figure controversy:-

    1)R15-35-45 kmpl
    2)Duke-40-55 kmpl

    cheers…well done Motorbeam.

    • Ninu

      and one more thing i forgot to mention CBR250 is neither smooth nor have a good top end, its only R15 which is silky smooth and makes good power at high rpms.CBR250 is smooth only after 30kmph & till 90-100kmph, after that it vibrates and makes harsh sound. R15 is smooth from 0 to 130 kmph, it just need a bigger engine to become no.1 bike in india.

  • RKS

    No where is discussed about the headlight beam intesity, since its a most important part while riding at night.

    • Ninu

      Except Pulsar220 projector headlights, there is no Indian bike which offers good illumination at night.

  • @Ninu: What does a good top end mean? And how much have you pushed the CBR to?

    • Ninu

      (I assume you have ridden R15) Top end is the difference of way of power delivery in a R15 and CBR250 engine (in which R15 is topper), Mid range is the difference what you feel when riding a CBR250 after riding R15. In simple words Powerband in high rpms=top end(sports bikes)(R15), in mid rpms=mid range(sports tourers)(CBR250), in low rpms=low end(cruisers)(RE500,TBIRD).

      you need not to push an engine to check its smoothness, just start the bike & revv it to max rpm & you will know how smooth & vibe free it is. By the way i have pushed CBR to 135 & R15 to 125 kmph.My personal openion is except 25Bhp & 23Nm of torque(means engine)there is nothing special to talk about CBR250r. I hope you are aware of quality of plastics,rubbers,paint & switch gear. Just compare it with R15 & it doesn’t seems worth 1.65lakhs.

  • RKS

    Ninu : U r Absolutely right, Headlight of P220 is the best in indian bike, Projector lamp is good and High beame which is non projected is also eqally good becasue of brightness and and power.

  • Ninu

    Currently its only Duke200 which is most VFM bike in India.

  • Yamaha R15: 16.8 bhp @ 8500 rpm vs CBR: 25 bhp @ 8500 rpm.

    You mean to say that just coz the CBR makes more power in the similar range doesn’t have a good top end.

    I think no matter what Honda does in the new batch…even if they gold-plate the frame and put the most expensive paint on the bike…am sure people would be still harping upon the first batch quality issues.

    I humbly submit myself to your knowledge. PERIOD!

  • Ninu

    Dear nobody is commenting on extra power of CBR250, everybody knows that CBR makes more power at same rpm due to bigger engine(100cc to be precise)in comparison of R15. But at 8500rpms CBR’s engine vibrates and harsh than R15’s engine at same rpm. and switchgear quality & fairing vibration is still there in new batches of CBR also.

  • ^^^Switchgear quality as in finish? Or do the switches don’t operate well? Do you find these as dealbreakers? I would whole-heartedly disagree with your comment of vibes on the CBR vis-a-vis the R15 or rather I would give you the benefit of doubt of having ridden a rough engined CBR considering that you saying that vibes are felt at 6000 rpm- at least it doesn’t happen with me. It was the case with me too, while riding one friends CBR- it was so rough, I had that time decided never to buy this bike. Thankfully I happen to ride a CBR of another friend and I was completely sold to the engine.

    In the end different people, different experiences, different views.

    • Ninu

      you encountered a Rough engine, i also encountered one, and other u rode was smooth, it shows of inconsistent quality as i never encountered a rough engined R15. Yes, after paying 1.65lakh a buyer expects good looking, quality fit & finish of parts, switchgear is one of them.It looks horribly downmarket as of a 100cc economy bike & if its only purpose is to operate well, then there are many parts where Honda can save money. Yamaha can challange anyone to show quality problems in any of R15, be it older version or the new v2.0.
      CBR is an over hyped and overpriced product(atleast 25-30k) which doesnt live upto the Classic CBR name. I think it differs from person to person how he judge things but i believe in value for money products.

  • @Fas: 0-100 is dot 8 seconds ;) Will post the video soon.

  • Here’s a VLC snapshot I have taken with great difficulty. I have snipped the video right from 0 kph so you can be sure there is no keeda ;)

  • krishna

    When is Yamaha goin to give us the big engine bike….. The chassis is soo gud 7 capable of handling even more power. It looks pretty & has the most appeal, rides like a dream, corners brilliantly etc etc….

    Come-on Yamaha.. We’re waiting…

  • I think this would make more sense…one shot of 0 and another of 100.

    So its 8.11 seconds to be precise.

  • @Ninu: Its been a very casual comment from you talking on the roughness. I was expecting a more thoughtful and mature comment from your side at least this time. You are not even considering the end user of how he’d be running his bike. I mean this is just for your information- the CBR that I was talking about wasn’t even run-in fact the user had practiced the mototune method which led to a rough engine and disturbed valve settings. But you have very conveniently blamed it on inconsistency on the part of the mfr. Thats super info I should say.

    Well thanks for all your comments and replies- I end the discussion right here. In fact you can take of me not replying further to the discussion as me accepting each and every point of whatever you’d be saying henceforth.

    Ride safe.

    • Ninu

      1) It wasn’t a casual comment, I never encountered a rough engined R15, no matter how badly it is driven.
      2) Even i used to think that Honda make bulletproof engines, but they are not (atleast in India)
      3) Its Motomans run-in method you are talking about, and its a very controversial topic, some says its good, some says its bad.It needs a long debate But one thing is sure, it never disturbes valve settings.
      4) I surrender. :-)

  • ^^^Never a rough engined R15?? You should have come for the shoot then and checked how good the R15 was. Or else ask Fas about it- he’ll tell you :D

    Anyways…indeed I surrendered!

  • Rajat

    Rode the CBR today. So not that it’s really possible or fair to judge a bike on the little test ride you get at a dealer’s, but the bike seemed alright. Seating was comfortable. In ripping the throttle through, I did feel that the acceleration wasn’t really instant and there was some lag. Nice but didn’t seem thrilling. (also, I thought the quality of the parts was good, no complaints)

    I think I’ll go in for another ride of the Duke.

    @Fais: I’m actually thinking of waiting for a couple of months to buy the bike coz I’m in Delhi and with the onset of the crazy summers and the monsoon, won’t get much of a chance to ride the bike. Would also give me a chance to test the pulsar 200 ns ;) if it’s out.

    One thing I was wondering though, everyone agrees that the honda has the more comfortable seating of the two. For me, not that I’m planning long bike trips but I would frequently be doing Delhi-Gurgaon (which is 20-30kms of highway). Was wondering whether the Duke would be uncomfortable for such commutes?

    • Faisal

      Rajat, you need to test ride all the bikes to see what you like more. Some like the screaming nature of the Duke 200, while other prefer the sedate nature of the CBR250R.

    • Vivek

      Rajat, for your commute from Delhi to Gurgaon duke will be super comfortable.. I have ridden Duke from Noida to Roorkee, 3 Hrs continuously and it wasn’t uncomfortable at all for me, considering I am 6 ft and 85 Kgs.. :-) .. and I do lot of Noida to Gurgaon trip about 50-60 Km in one go.. I assure you its comfortable for me..

  • sen

    well,shouldn’t the 0-100 kph of cbr be updated now that deepak has uploaded would be nice @deepak.

  • @Rajat: Looking at your requirement, I would suggest you go for the Duke at present…or if you can wait, then the P200NS for sure. The CBR I would say is for guys who want to ride long distances frequently without much stops.

    @Sen: Here’s the video:

  • Rajat

    @Vivek: Thanks for the confirmation Vivek:)

    @Deepak: Thanks for your input as well Deepak

    I’ll keep u guys updated. Don’t really have an issue waiting a bit so might try out the Pulsar NS too, though don’t think it’ll be better than the Duke right?

  • albert laik

    ktm duke is unfamiliar to me but my fair judgement will be based on its ride experience. See R15 is the first chick to land in india givin its people a precise taste of the big bikes out in the western hemisphere. powered with a little but hard working heart, the r15 proves to be one of my all time sunshine. Its acceleration very good and its very reliable little monster. To be frank, my first bike was HERO HONDA SLEEK, then CBZ 2002.. now with r15 v1.0.
    Now, bottom line is, R15 with its delta box frame, a light weight piston, liquid cooled engine, you name it. this baby is so packed that it comes with a tag, “no one can ride it just once” it fun… but only when the road is smooth. Nw this CBR250r i just booked and its just 6days away frm its delivery date, i have to admit it. Honda has proved it again! Felt its grip and m already in love with this new chick in town… except for the exhaust pipe, the cbr looks flawless on the outside. but in the inside, its evn more beautiful, engine response, 0 to 100, ride quality on both rural and urban road, fuel consumption, everythin bout it is too good. Though r15 failed to catch eyes within the big litre brothers, cbr always get it done!
    So, yeah its value for money! Forget about those ABS shits, i bet i can brake better than C-ABS. if cbr came with the yamaha technology then it would cost more than 2.5 or evn more! If ur money is on the honda, you will never regret it!
    Now for the record, motorbeam concluded as “if r15 came with 250cc, then duke and honda will not even be close to it”. To be honest, Ouch! that hurts!

    It would be something like,

    The new r25
    250cc engine, 29bhp @9500 rpm
    16kmpl, 0-100 in 8.9sec
    17liter tank
    front dual disk brake, rear single disk.

    price 293000INR ex-showroom mumbai.

    If HONDA CBR250r came with 20kmpl, then it would be 33bhp @7600rpm and the price tag is still 1.62

    so which will the smart choice? cbr250r or the new yamaha r25?

    • Manty Ahmed

      r15 is not sold in western countries lik europe or us.its sold in some asian countries & few s. American countries. Cbr 250 is std quarter litre internatnl bike also sold in europe & usa like ninja 250. True bikes which would give u feel of western wrld r HDs, bmw, aprilia, ducati, triumph etc. & not r15 150cc bike lmao. I agree bike drives well although

  • ^ Great comment.

    Great review too but yes, Yamaha R15 is the best and value for money all the way if you dont require TOO much power. Yamaha bikes are for the youth(18-25). They make only track-focussed bikes. But are also partially good for Indian roads/Street riding. Its just packed with fun and performance.

    The Yamaha “R” series cannot be matched when it comes to full-fairing Sports?Track Bikes.

  • @Albert: Well said…from the heart rather :) The R15 is such a great bike- once you get on it, bloody it feels so invincible and that it would never crash. In fact during the shootout I told Fas that this bike looks like it has 4 wheels!

    The CBR is a decent bike- in fact its sad to see people put it down outright by just comparing it to the R15. The R15 is the pinnacle in handling- but this one’s not crap. It handles way better than the ZMA and other neutral handling bikes. Quality issues that once plagued the bike are still plagued in people’s minds despite the improvement- and am sure the harping would continue for light years. In the end these two bikes are into completely different segments. For me the Honda is a more practical bike rather- lovely engine with decent low end, kickass midrange, good suspension to soak up the bumps and a comfortable ride. What more does one need?

    Too much of information available online mostly by armchair riders are permitting/spoiling people to talk with too much conviction. I wish if they spend half of the time riding the very bike than the time they spend on the internet- I guess their opinions would change. But then its a free country- people have the right to express themselves irrespective of credibility. In a country like ours with way too much freedom, no one will catch your collar even if you pee on the roadside. But then its upto you to decide if you really need to make use of your freedom that way!

    Wish you all the best for the delivery! Ride safe.

    • Manty Ahmed

      deepak sir, u told good good things about cbr250 & r15 but nothng about duke200. I am assuming it failed to impress u ;)

  • :) Not really..the Duke is an awesome bike

    1) Smashing Looks
    2) Great build quality
    3) Light weight
    4) Powerful Engine
    5) Thrilling to ride
    6) Lovely handling
    7) Fantastic Suspension
    8) Comfortable Seating
    9) Grippy Tyres
    10) Very good brakes

    That should make it the perfect ten :)

  • Devishree

    All this comparing tells me, A single true.i.e who talk about r15 & cbr250, are selfish on their bike. But my overall comparigen no..1 bike is KTM DUKE 200. Who have a confusion to buy a bike, go for Latest, ”KTM DUKE 200” perfect for city, fun, style, milaeage, handling, low maintance, who gives value for money, and Sutnt rider.

  • All 3 bikes are in different categories. So, you cant say one is better than the other.

    R15 – Full-Fairing Sports-Bike (Track-Focussed)

    CBR250R – Full-Fairing Sports Tourer

    KTM Duke 200 – Naked Street Bike

    You choose based on different factors – Budget, Requirements, What Suits your body type/height. etc.

    Young guys like me just want the most stylish bike that money can buy.More power is great but not always required. For city riding, we dont need so much. And Ive never cared about mileage but petrol prices are rising. Even rich people are starting to feel they need to cut down on fuel expenditure. The higher you go with regards to Cc, the lower your mileage gets.

    Finally, R25 is on the way. Surely by 2013 or 2014. It will blow everything else out of the water.

    @Manty: To experience those top-class premium sports-bikes, you can settle abroad and ride them. Not in India. 250cc is the max. we can afford and ride here.

  • @R15_fan: Your first sentence makes lot of sense…you are spot on.

    As regards to the R25- even I was thinking as to why Yamaha is taking a long time to get a 250 out- these japs have loads of engines in their backyard in different capacities. The R15 is a good enough bike to take those extra horses. But then things are not easy as it seems- I had this thought that the R15 engine was completely built ground up for the Indian market. Later I found out that the R15 runs on a T135 engine- an underbone motorcycle (more like a modern step through moped). So am sure they’d be in the process of rather making a completely new engine like Honda has done for the CBR or working on an existing powerplant. The only 250 I can think off from Yamaha in a single pod format is the Fazer 250..but with an air-cooled engine, 5 gears and not so great power/torque figures- its still ages behind the competition has to offer at the moment. So I feel it’ll take time. Yamaha got their old repute back with the FZ and the R15- and they have to get something working or else by the time their 250 comes out…the competition would have slipped another mile ahead.

  • Ninu

    Hi, deepak,

    just gone through your CBR150R review:

    The disappointing side:
    1) The switchgear seems to have been ripped off from cheaper commuter bikes. The mechanism of the light switches is in the old-world vertical movement fashion. No engine-kill switch, no day flasher.

    i think i have heard these lines somewhere in this (Motorbeam’s) thread :)

  • avi

    all 3 bike are super …

    i love r15 and cbr … any one please tell me what is cbr price…

  • arun

    Hai friends my name is arun
    i test drived duke,cbr,and r15 and i say to you for sure if you ride a CBR definitely you will love it a lot because it gives a perfect handling and best power because its Honda.and it gives a
    good mileage and if its ABS the best yes its high price tag but its really worth the money

    and from my side i am a satisfied CBR owner

  • arun

    My CBR ABS cost me around 190000/-

  • @Ninu: Not sure, don’t remember reading about the CBR150R on Motorbeam.

  • Please do share the Motorbeam link if you have it.

  • all the 3 bikes are better than one another..but its unaffordable for a common man..

  • Swanopal

    I m been riding duke for more than a month now. Trust me she is one of the finest bikes ever made and certainly the best we have in r country. My frnd owes R15 V2 and she is fun to ride as well. As far as CBR goes, i dont why but i have never liked the feel and sluggishness she has, apart from damn boring looks.

  • If you call the CBR sluggish, I wonder how can you call the R15 fun to ride ;) On the KTM, well I cannot disagree a bit..its an absolute thriller.

    As its said that the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder- on my side I would say that the CBR is indeed a good looking bike. I wonder how people call it a conservative design..if you compare the panel by panel looks of both the R15 and the CBR, you would find that the CBR has a much more complicated flow i.e. layered fairing design than the R15. Also if you observe the bulge of the fairing of the R15 i.e. right where at the end points of the lights, it makes the rest of the bike look punny- something like an alien face who has huge bulging eyes but a narrow lower face and a chin. Start looking at the CBR from head to toe and you will find that its a proper flowing design…on the R15, the link suddenly breaks midway and it feels that two different bikes have been glued together. The only place I can agree on the boring part of the CBR is the tail…the designer suddenly lost all the interest by the time they came to the rear end.

  • Saketh

    Would you guys say that the Duke would be comfortable for long drives?? Say a trip to Leh-Ladakh??

    • Saketh

      Basically I have a requirement for a city drive as well as long drives and am torn for opinion between the Duke and another bike (not here). Am really confused !! :S

  • Hunter

    i love bikes and going ti buy one cbr150r but i am a little bit confused that i should buy this one or any other bike can somebody help me a bit,please…..

  • @Saketh: The Duke can rather take you anywhere and will be better off on the broken roads up north. I find the riding position a bit tricky though for long rides- but if you can adjust then its good enough. The smallish tank issue also can be taken care off where you can carry extra fuel. People have taken CD100s, Splendors, Passions, Kinetic Hondas to Leh…I know one guy who took a Bajaj Scooter to Spiti. So Duke is a much better option if you really have to choose.

    @Hunter: The best thing I like about the CBR150 is the engine- its a gem and a typical non-complaining Honda and its a light fast revving fun to ride bike. The thing I don’t like about it is its inability to justify the price tag build quality wise. If I were in your place- I would have bought the Duke instead at a same/lesser cost. There is almost nothing that a Duke cannot do but in the end its your preferences based on your liking and riding style.

  • Albert Laik

    got myself a new candy red CBR250R ABS a week ago and i have already done 1300km. went for my first servicing today and as per my ride experience, this bike is just awesome. just yesterday i have done 312km and surprisingly i completed the journey in less than 4 hours! she’s truly a tour machine and she loves to keep the right lane. She is very comfortable touring at 100+20kmph. Overtake any vehicle @6th gear in high speed, ABS reliability, pot holes are no more dangerous to motorcycles. I love the way how i smoke out a green Ninja 250 on the day i bought this CBR.

    So.. here is the thing…
    I have experienced my friend’s Yamaha R1 before. i rode it more than 180kms and my max speed was 207kmph. but when i was down to R15, the only thing that push me on was the Yamaha Logo and my imagination. and i was getting tired of R15. its small, bumpy and too small.
    but i still like the way it handles. Stoppie and wheelie on R15 is no hard task. in busy streets, r15 is like an super energized electron.

    that being said, i want to clear out some pointless arguments going inside this forum. I have seen some people comparing the cbr250r with R15 and giving the lose end of the string to the Honda. Now here is my question,

    1) Why was r15 listed inside the quarter liter series?
    Maybe people might have been fooled with its full faring for a bigger bike. or r15 fans just dont want to get defeated so they joined the race!
    I guess Motobeam included R15 v2.0 because R15 was one of the high end bikes available in Indian market. They did the comparison keeping their aim focused on the buyer’s budget. Simple logic, to all CBR owners. Cbr is thirsty, heavy, bulky but will you exchange it with a new r15 plus Rs.25000 cash?

    2) If you don’t have the CBR in your garage other than in your LCD screen then don’t imagine the power of 25bhp inside your brain. it can be only felt between your legs when you take it out for a spin. To R15 owners… if you are too obsessed with your bike with 17bhp imagine sleeping with Nicole Scherzinger rather than Deepika Padukone. Can you imagine the difference?
    Just let it go! don’t keep on hanging. When i owned the CBZ back in 2000, i was like a king… then came karizma, pulsar… its was sad but i had to admit it. i just can’t blame those bikes just because i don’t own them or i cannot own them. i stop starring at the green 250 because i like then but they are not in my budget yet!

    3) Blaming Honda just because it is not so comfortable on the tracks would mean dry argument because most bikers don’t spend much of their time on the tracks with controlled environment. We spend most on the road… real road, real traffic!

    4) with duke, stunning naked beauty, aggressive grunts… go for a 100km solo drive with a tour bagpack… ouch! that back hurts! take it out for a high speed ride or simply try to keep the right lane in an express highway. not an easy task right? i bet it is!
    but duke can easily master the busy streets! with cbr, it need a skilled rider.

    5) If you cannot buy the CBR just shut up!!!

    • Faisal

      Albert, firstly congratulations on your new CBR250R. Nice insight there. You are bang on, we included the R15 due to the pricing. As far as the CBR250R goes, it can’t be written off and is one of the best performance bikes available in India today. What favours the Duke is the pricing. Had the CBR250R and the Duke 200 priced the same, the results would be very different indeed.

    • I liked point no. 3 the most. People spend more time on the keyboard, and believing the negatives written by people who themselves had hardly any decent experience riding the bike- its like a chain reaction. A small ride or a short burst by someone on a single bike is enough to contradict (with so much conviction) someone’s experience which is more than a thousand times in comparison. Call them bad mangoes on a basket.

      One incident happened a week back. I had been to a Vodafone Store and parked my bike outside. I didn’t know that the 2 people sitting next to me were talking about my bike. The conversation goes like this:

      1: How much this bike costs?
      2: It comes for one lac.

      1: What mileage would it be giving?
      2: It gives 20kpl.

      I thought to keep quite, but then their nonsense continued and I finally opened my mouth. Told them the correct price and the mileage too. Indirectly pointed out that people unnecessarily spread wrong information without knowing the true facts.

    • Faisal

      Rightly said Deepak. Happens all the time. I see people saying Karizma gives 20 km/l. So with that logic a 1000cc bike should give -5 km/l?

  • Akshat

    TRUE…..thats very true Deepak.
    Albert’s point no 4………i own a Duke since last 2 mnths. As said by motorbeam its a great balance bw R15 & CBR250r. Depends where do u ride most.If its city i would prefer Duke. Cbr/R15 wouldnt evn come close. But if its highway then yeh u got it right CBR is the king. Though i didnt had that bad experience on 275kms long highway ride…completed in 4hrs. Right lane was a piece of cake and backpack wasnt an OUCH either. It was my 1st highway ride ever. But….well..hey CBR can easily outrun Duke with its engine/suspension/extra weight/comfy seat on HIGHWAY :-)

  • One of my colleague has brought a new R15 V2 in a white-red combination. Phew…what a looker. I don’t feel ashamed to admit that it makes my CBR look a decade old ;) I wish to buy the R15 just for the heck of it. Gosh, what quality!! Dumb headed Honda buggers- learn from Yamaha as how to build quality bikes without overcharging.

    • Faisal

      Deepak, your friend has got an R15 V2? Well I smell a comparo now, if you know what I mean ;-p

  • @Fas: The comparo is already done visually ;) and I love the way the R15 is built up. In fact during the shootout it was the R15 which I fell in love with more than the Duke. Its such an amazing bike. Wish I could buy one- just for my liking towards it.

    • Faisal

      Deepak, I could see the love for the R15 in your eyes. You should really consider buying one ;-p

  • praveen

    hi friends!!!
    i am looking forward to buy the cbr150r deluxe edition but i am confused whether it is better to go for a cbr250r which is just 20,000 rs higher than cbr 150r….., and i prefer more to cruse and i want a bike which is comfortable to ride and a good mileage… and @albert i like all the points u told and i agree with it…. and congrats 4 ur new cbr250r and is abs braking a compelling one for cbr 250r ???

    • Faisal

      Praveen, the extra Rs. 20,000/- are totally worth it.

    • praveen

      thanks for ur advise faisal and my main dought is tat whether abs braking a compelling option for cbr250r or it’s better to go for a standard version??? and r the std disk brakes(without abs) enough for this bike ??

    • Faisal Khan

      Praveen, I would suggest get the ABS version, it does make a huge difference.

  • Vijender

    I have cbr250 , i love my bike because its feel me like a bike racer and its front loke is awosem its control system is so good and abs system is great.

  • Vijender

    I have honda cbr250 , i love my bike its feels me like bike racer its control system and abs system is so good

    • is it good to hve cbr.. i want to take new bike but im confuse….pls help…..

  • @Praveen: If you don’t mind shedding that extra money, my advice would also be on the lines of Fas. Have clocked 11,000 kms on my CBR now, and I don’t find the braking to be as precise as the competing bikes. Not that its bad, but the feedback that you get from the front you can say comes to you as a scattered graph…not very linear feedback. And sometimes in situations of panic braking for that fraction of a second, you’ll be in a slightly confused state of mind as the feedback doesn’t come as precise as it should- it would be your reflexes and braking skill that’ll come to your rescue. In such situations, ABS is a boon.

  • Just to add, the tyres are also the culprit- am going to replace mine (both rear and front) with the MRF Revz (KTM ones).

    • praveen

      @ deepak, thanks for ur advice :-)…, @ fas : i wish u can provide all of us a cbr250r vs cbr150r shootout…

    • Faisal Khan

      Praveen, a shootout is not needed. If you are willing to spend the extra 20k, the CBR250R is worth every penny over the CBR150R.

    • Faisal Khan …. pls tell wch bike is better in des 4 competitors

    • Shinu, if you read the review, you will know which bike to buy. In the end the for and against points are given to help you make the right decision.

  • Gowtham

    I am the owner of yamaha fazer. i wants to know about stunt plz tell me my facebook ><

    • ASHU


  • konga babu

    Iam hvng tvs xl super…. I want 2 put disc breaks plzz some one help me hw 2 put…

    • Konga, its a risky thing to do. Its best avoided.

  • Jay Sanghavi

    Faisal can you please let me know whats the advantage of keeping rare disc brake & front disc brake in opposite side. (In Duke 200 naked, the rare brake is in right side while front brake is in left side). Only KTM has done this till now while all others have the same right side disc brake logic.
    Please reply ASAP.

    • Jay Sanghavi

      I would also like to know about the KTM mileage.

    • Jay, mileage of the Duke 200 is between 30-35 km/l.

    • Jay, there is no advantage as such. Its usually dependent on markets and bike makers. Some put it on the right, while others put it on the left. No difference in braking with either.

  • Adam

    Is ktm duke 200 value for money .. Bcause it does not have sporty looks like r15 and cbr.. So is it valuable.. Plz tell..

    • Adam, yes it might not have a full fairing but it has an insane power-to-weight ratio.

  • Syed Ali

    I m thinking to buy the r15 version 2.0 how is it??????????????????

    • Syed, it is a very good bike but again it all depends on your requirements.

  • bibinbaby kattil

    i am a hight -weight less body person …so which is comfortable for me ?

  • sohail khan

    hey what is the mileage of r15 v2????

  • hey i like cbr 150r .. but is it value for money bike???
    i want stylish bike and performance…. then plz tell for which bike should i go and also tell me mileage of honda cbr 150r plz…asap…??//

    • Swapnil, no the CBR150R is not a VFM bike. If you are looking for VFM, nothing beats the Pulsar 200 NS.

  • but kya pulsar 200ns ka performance accha hai?? and wat abt maintenance and mileage of PULSAR 200NS?????
    plz tell me also MILEAGE of CBR150R??? plz..

    • Swapnil, its difficult to say about maintenance as its a new model.

    • whats is d avg of des bikes?

  • arvind

    my height s 5’4…out of these 3 bike which ll suit me the best????????pls reply

  • akshay

    duke or r15 ?? plz help

    • Duke 200 anyday.

    • i want to sell my CBR 250r..its of 10 seb,2011 AND only 5000 km till now its used…
      its of red colour….no thre..if anyone,s want call me on this no. 8755577753
      its number is U.P 22
      P 1600

  • rish

    Hey guyzz i think KTM is nice byk. ..
    as per her lukz n bhp n all dat

    bt itz milage is smwat less. ..

    still i luv appeal of byk. ..

    nill go for KTMs DUKE . ..

  • Anoop C Thomas

    evn if mileage is less, i’l always go for d KTM. im a short guy of 155cm height. does tht byk suits me?? which 1 u prefer for me?? i think in R15 ver 2 if d rider is short n d pillion rider is tall its too ugly 2 c d rider. which byk had got gud milege while coparing each othr?? also im eagrly waiting for d answr of maintaince of ktm!! is d maintaince cost too high for ktm?? wht abt parts availability n its cost of ktm while comparing wth R15, cbr 250 and ninja 250.

    • If am not wrong the spares of the CBR are the cheapest amongst the three. Ninja…gosh don’t want even to talk about that :P

  • rick 46

    any body wanna a race wid me. friendly or bet race . reply me only if u r a race . others dont reply.

    • anuj

      okay bro…. lets do it a bet race…..
      im havin CBR 600….u fix the place… wht say??

  • nice

  • azad

    i want buy a bike wch one is best for me ….. ktm duke 200 / pulsar 220/ apace 180/r15 ….. i want buy for racing…and home purpose also,,,,….my height is 5,9 … wch one is suitable for me………and wch one stylish bike with power…plz tell me

  • lop


  • Manish Chaudhary

    I am keen to buy ktm duke 200, but looking at its saddle height i doubt will it be a manageable machine for a 5.5″ tall guy. I can easily manage pulsar 180 and platina (it has same saddle height of ktm) but both have different weight ratio. I think i can handle ktm well but need a Specialist’s view before any decision. any yeah does both pulsar 200ns and ktm 200 possess same family engines.(i heard some rumors).
    It was a nice article and review of above three bikes.(definitely helpful).

  • praveen

    Very good comparision and i always like yahama r15 for its stunning looks.

  • veer

    Faisal i saw in the web site like bikedekho or automax etc that duke 200 gives a mileage of 10km/l but you say it gives 30 to 35 km/l. Dude plz reply which one is true as i wanna buy a bike between r15 and duke 200.

    • Veer, it will give you atleast 30 km/l, don’t worry.

  • r15 is jst stunn byk thng i luv d mst is d highter……

  • I am confuse between r15 and Duke 200.My height is 5’10 nd which one is suited best.
    please suggest me…

  • Chang Noi

    I though the CBR250R is made in Thailand?
    Here the CBR250R is half the price of an Duke200

  • John

    Faisal Khan,
    You seriously gave a best Idea to choose a better bike. I really appreciate your comparison between 3 bikes. I would like to go with Duke 200 & it is booked.

    Thank you.

    • John, congratulations. Why don’t you share your ownership report with us?

  • Barun

    Great job bro. Keep up the good work..

  • Karthik

    Faisal, i want to know that KTM duke 200 is saled by Bajaj and what about its service. Is it done by bajaj only.

    • Yes Karthik, Bajaj Auto takes care of sales, service and spares.

  • Raajveer Punia

    Faisel khan. .
    I want to buy a sports bike. ………..all i need is the looks of the bike……….which i shld buy r15v2 or cbr250r……
    My height is 5″10 and
    I am very confused in between these two……….plz suggest me which one to bye?????

  • Raajveer Punia

    Thnx faisel mostly suggest me r15 v2….i ll go for go it… thnxx for the the advice

  • hello faisal khan…..
    I am bike lover. I already own a pulsar 180 cc bike. Now am planning to buy new bike. I love to ride all the bikes in the world. But i have a backpain. So plz suggest me which bike suits me and am a little short in height. I hate KTM Duke model….
    Pls reply me dude……

  • amit


  • Karthik

    Faisal, in Hubli-Dharwad city (karnataka state), I asked the Bajaj Dealers of Duke200 they said that they wont have permission of selling of duke. so where should i buy the duke 200 in karnataka state.

    • Karthik, you will have to go to the nearest KTM dealership because no Bajaj dealer sells the Duke 200.

    • Sunny

      Exclusive showroom of KTM is at:- Indra nagar, 80 ft Road, Bangalore.

  • Karthik

    Faisal, can you suggest me please that any other showrooms like hero, yamaha etc,. or only bajaj is the dealer of KTM. or suggest me KTM dealers near to hubli dharwad

    • Karthik, only KTM showroom will sell Duke 200 not any other showroom. You will have to go to Bangalore to get the bike.

  • Karthik

    ok Faisal, then i will go to Goa its better than Bangalore because its near

  • I can’t believe I touched 145 km of speed on my ktm duke on mumbai-agra highway. But the company says the topspeed is 136 km. Still can’t believe the difference of 9 kms…….!!!

  • faisal khan m 6ft1nch guy weather i go 4 duke or pulsar200 ineed lks also mny is nt an issue. is i wl thnk abt r15 also plz hlp m vry cnfsd…

  • karthik

    Faisal, can i know the Duke 200’s mileage in Highway

  • Speed

    Hi Faisal…. great comparo, thanks!! Is there any news of these brands launching slightly bigger engines like a R25 from Yamaha or more specifically the 400cc bike from KTM??? The honda cbr250 seems boring :(

    • Speed, yes there are many bikes planned in the near future but nothing is confirmed so we won’t speculate ;-)

  • nikhil

    i am thinking of buying a 200 cc bike…so can u suggest me which bike should i buy, pulsar200ns or duke200 …and if there is any other better bike please let me know..

    • Nikhil, if your budget permits, get the Duke 200.

  • sunil sh

    Hello. Sir
    My height is 6 ft i will confosed pls suggest me which bike purchase i am i like honda cbr 250 its milege pls say exact milege

    • Sunil, get the CBR250R if you like it. It will return around 35 km/l.

  • Vijay

    1. Wrong comparison… Why 150 v/s 200 v/s 250 ??
    2. “Why pick up” reasons … !!! Such an ordinary reasons :)

    • Vijay, price is the reason for such a comparo. Just 100cc difference between these cars. When we compare Swift vs i20, again there is 100cc difference, right ;-)

  • unesh

    my height is 5.7 which one is suited for me…..

    • Unesh, Yamaha R15.

    • kalyan

      hello friend you have to choose HONDA 250 R .HONDA 250 R only suitable for you

  • Tijo

    Am planning to buy Duke 200.have any complaint reported on that bike?..when I driven Duke, I felt that the bikes back tyre was skidding when rear brake apply that a problem?

    • Tijo, nope, not heard of the tyres skidding on the Duke.

    • Mayank Khanna

      Faisal, I also felt the same while taking the test ride of the Duke.
      However for such instances Yamaha and Honda take the toll.

  • Niraj

    For Me! Yamaha R15 is best in its appearance Duke is bad in its appearance! But For me R15! And My choice is Yamaha R1

    • Niraj, what about the R15’s performance? The Duke is so much faster.

  • hello sir,
    I’M confused b/w…, (1) KTM DUKE 200 OR (2)R 15 Version 2.0..
    which 1 is better bike? ???
    And Which 1 is suited for me??
    [ My Height Is 5.8….]

    • Suresh, get the Duke 200 if you want speed. R15 if you want style.

  • Abdullah Mohd

    R15….V.2 is the best bike ever……..

  • nfshrk

    Hey buddy as your veiw which is best in this in full overveiw . Honda cbr 250r , hyosung gt250r, kavazaki ninja 250 ? which rules and also its fuel consuption too . if u know just comment :)

    • Nfshrk, I would pick the Kawasaki Ninja 250R, but would wait for the new one. Overall the CBR250R is the best of the three.

  • yeggina.teja

    i am using KTM DUKE 200,it was a super comfort, and super faster than all the bike at present in market

  • kiran


  • Dipanshu

    hey faisal, m confused between r15 v 0.2 , ktm Duke.
    which one to Buy.. m 5.8′ n i love Touring wid royality n my daily city ride is about 50 km

  • Dipanshu

    hey faisal, m confused between r15 v 0.2 , ktm Duke.
    which one to Buy.. m 5.8′ n i love Touring wid royality n my daily city ride is about 50 km so which 1 feels royal…

  • Khan

    tell me this one thing which is itching in my head , how good is the Engine od Duke 200 , will it be good refined as the HONDA’s ,,, pls this were i am stuck , i just care for the Engine & reliability

    • Khan, engine is good but reliability can’t be said about at this moment.

  • i like cbr 250r because its no1 bike in the world of 250cc bikes when you ride cbr you really wonder

  • hai….
    iam 5.4 which bike is suited for me.r15 or ktm duke

    • hulla

      i think if u want a top looking bike then u must go for r15 or if speed then ktm duke

  • vj

    Hey Guys…m planning to buy a r15 2.0 verison…wht do u guys it a nice bike or shld i go for pulsar 22 or KTM??

    • VJ, R15 a good bike but again the Duke 200 is better (in my opinion, in terms of performance and comfort).

  • My height is 5.10 and I am studying inter 2 year which bike is suitable for me?

    • Budget? Requirements? Mileage, performance, comfort?

  • Punith

    I want to take pulsar200NS,and even booked for it.
    but what i worried much is abt its battery which is sealed one like that of car battery,
    As this bike donot have kicker is that not a problem.

    • Punith, nope that is not a problem. You can safely get the Pulsar 200 NS.

    • Punith

      Thanks faisal
      And one more thing how abt maintainance,
      ppl will tell like bajaj engine will not last for a longer duration and the smoothness of engine will fade off unlike honda which remains smooth over the years.
      i want a bike to run for a longer duration of years with the same pleasant smoothness which pulsar 200NS have now.
      what u suggest?

    • Punith, can’t really say about reliability as the bike and engine are new. If you have the budget, get the CBR250R.

    • Punith

      my budget is below 1 lakhs,
      i had a karizma R in my mind earlier,
      is that a good option in opposite to 200NS according to u?

    • Punith, the Pulsar 200 NS blows the Karizma away. Get the Pulsar 200 NS.

    • Punith

      thanks a lot faisal

  • amit

    Anymore news for 200SS ??? I saw this Bike in Black. In a Glance you will not even bother and resembles same as 135LS. Bajaj should bring out some more bright colors. Rear side look very boring and feels something is missing out. Bajaj could have done much better.

  • sir,
    whos mileage is better among these….?

  • Hello Sir

    Please let me confirm when new ninja 250r and aprilla RS200 launch in india.


    • Varun, new Ninja 250R next year and RS200 could also be launched at the same time. Nothing confirmed as of yet.

    • thanks 4 above reply one more question i hv a duke 200 n i wana 2 upgrade my bike.Ninja 250r n RS 200 coming next year as per u so please suggest me which one should i buy only 4 six month.Only one option Honda CBR250r but i m confused regarding performance if i compare 2 my current bike duke 200. please let me know.


    • Varun, I would suggest you wait before deciding. Lots of new things coming.

  • Punith

    where do u stay faisal.
    can i get ur contact no,
    i wanna talk more abt this with u:-)

  • Madhusudan

    actually i am planning to buy a bike till d end of march 2013… n i m really
    getting confuse between cbr 150r n pulsar 200ns… can u plz help me out by telln for
    wch 1 shuld i go… or any othr bike whch u thnk is bttr.. i wuld also like to say dat i wuld be needing it fr daily purpose…
    reply soon
    thank u..

    • Madhusudan, what is your budget? I would suggest the Pulsar 200 NS.

  • I m planning to buy a bike but my frndzz sae tha in r 15 if we had accident and that fibre breaks than that bike is off no use and its has very high maintenance ??????

    • Sai Sandeep

      in any sports bike the front fairing costs a lot and is expensive to repair and in the first few years your insurance should cover most of it but still why would you damage it in the first place and any sports bike will be heavy on your pocket but if you ever by a sports bike buy it for your passion.

  • Is this really true

  • M K Panda

    I am planning to buy a bike for just going to College on next month. But I am confused between Yamaha R15 2.0 & Hero karizma ZMR. Can you please help me out by tell for which 1 should I go? And my height is 5.65 Foot

    • rasool

      u can take r15 its gud compare to zmr

  • Brian

    Hi, I’m 6ft 2ins tall and I love the KTM 200 Duke but is it too small for me? Will I fit it?

    • rasool

      no dude

    • Sai Sandeep

      im 6 feet 3 inches and i have ridden the ktm duke it does feel alright asthetically but initially be prepared to have slight wrist pain which should gradually disappear as you get used to the bike….

  • Tarak

    Hi i am in dilemma to choose b/w KTM DUKE and R15 v2.0. Please suggest me a good advise to buy a bike b/w them.I’m 5’7″. I like the appearance of R15 but technically duke is good.Which is more comfortable?and if i’m riding with my sis or mom then which suits b/w them? Tell me the mileage of both bikes in city.My budget is 1.30L,whether Pulsar 200ns is good when compared with these bikes?Plz suggest b/w those 3 bikes………….

  • Suyash

    hii Faisal!! m planning 2 buy cbr250r n will use it extensively for touring but heard dat it has inherent handlebar vibrations ovr 6000rpm n leave d rider’s hands numb.. is it true?? if so den it will b very iritatng while high speed cruising..

    • Sai Sandeep

      i own a cbr 250r… to answer your question for the first 1000kms running on factory oil and normal petrol there were a lot of vibes at high rpm but now with fully synthetic oil and running on speed i hardly get any vibration from the bike and speed97 is even better if you can find it but speed should be fine… i have toured extensively and i feel very comfortable with the bike it is the best sports tourer in the market mainly because of good high speed stability i have cruised at around 110kmph at nearly 7k rpm and the bike is really smooth and best of all you can cruise at any speed you want and the bike is comfortable you can step up the rpm to 8k and cruise at 138 also if you would like it makes no difference to the bike….

  • subhash

    faisal. i want to buy a 150 bike. rtr 160 or fzs. which one will be best.

  • Tarak

    Hi i am in dilemma to choose b/w KTM DUKE and R15 v2.0. Please suggest me a good advise to buy a bike b/w them.I’m 5’7″. I like the appearance of R15 but technically duke is good.Which is more comfortable?and if i’m riding with my sis or mom then which suits b/w them? Tell me the mileage of both bikes in city.My budget is 1.30L

  • tanzil

    can any 1 tell me r15 v2.0 top speed?

  • Rachit Amin

    Hi Faisal,

    i own a pulsar 200 DTS i ,and i realy confused now ,on which bike should i take ,
    as my buget is around 1.5 l , and i like nude bike ,duke or second hand comet ?
    plz let me know asap

    • Rachit, get the Duke 200. Stay away from the Kinetic Comet.

    • Rachit Amin

      Thanks Faisal bhai.

  • Tanzil Khan

    Friends i need a help i am confused i am from BANGLADERI i used b4 pulser 150 cc bike i pickd 120 khph. but this bike price here 2 lacs 5 tho, i am very serious to buy R15 in here price of this bike 4 lacs 85 TAKA i want buy this bike for speed. I have seen this in youtube bike top speed 150 kph. So ple tell me any 1 whats the top speed this bike realy. So i have requist to evry1 answer my quistion ple,ple,ple,ple,ple answer me thx guys

    • Sai Sandeep

      r15 fully tuned running on synthetic oil can clock about 130-134kmph more than that you will need serious modifications which will be very expensive…

  • pratik

    sir,my height is 5″10
    whch one is better
    and plz tell me milage of r15

  • Tanzil Khan

    if i want batter spee then 134 more so what i will get and what modifiction i have to do and what top speed i will get please replay details thx pritik for b4 comments

  • Rachit Amin


    Could you please tell me if Duke is launching in differnt colors . so that i can wait or else i have to go with orange which i dont like much.

    • Rachit, no new colour for Duke. Only orange going to remain.

    • Rachit

      two new color for Duke.thank god i waited for it …

  • shekhar

    i had a choice of three bikes pulsar 200 ns,ktm 200 & yamaha r 15,but also i want a bike which girlzzzzz love 2 see,my gf likes d r15,so wt’s u r advice plzzzzzz telllll,my budget is last 1.40

  • Harish

    Hi Fizal..
    I am in confusion between DUKE and CBR 250 R,
    I Need both Performance and Looks..Price is not an issue..
    Am Mostly favorable to CBR-250R but still have some doubts about its engine..Can u suggest a bike for me..?

    • Harish, get the CBR250R if you like it. Deciding between both these machines is all about personal preference as both are very good.

    • go for Yamaha r6 if you don’t care about price, and it has 600cc so you will fly in the sky with this bike.

  • bro whats the top speed of ktm duke and whats its mileage

  • Suyash

    its 133km/hr (true) electronically restricted n 30-35km/l accrding to driving cnditns…

  • ajay sangwan

    1 number ki se bhai

  • banu

    There should be some different outer exterior look……………… shud b much attractive

  • Ishan

    I m 5.8 and 15 yrs I want to know which would sute me I m confused pls help

    • nikhil

      Hero ranger swing (bicycle).. suits best for ur age.. Stict to Govt rules and regulations and buy one after earning a drivers license..

    • naveen

      correct answer nikhil……..

  • mayur

    cbr250r is a great bike

  • arso

    KTM Duke is the best one, see from model, performance, style, riding position, braking system, and high tech also. European style

  • palger lepcha

    i recently brought duke 200 cc bike and have done my second servicing and i am having a problem when i turn on while riding when ever i race it blinks red indicator in control panal display,and my bike is geting hot then usual it goes hot in only few kilometers.i am having problem because i have no good service center of duke bike in gangtok where i buyed,they have no idea what defects are showing in display panal,they have no idea .so what i am do to fix my problems.

    • JoelRaj

      Well, the problem is with the cooling system. You’ll have to change the coolant oil, Engine Oil and you’ll have to take it to a good service center also try upgrading the oil this time. Its a not big issue though. Ya, also try checking whether the oil from sump enters the cooling system of the engine. It all can be done in a good Service center but :p Take care with your Duke.

    • hooligan4

      Dude, its normal for the engine to heat up. Read the User’s manual carefully. You can adjust when you want the red light to start blinking. Since my duke is still new, i have set it to 5500rpm.
      The Duke is a naked bike. Therefore, due to the absence of a full fairing, when the radiator fan starts, you can feel the hot air on your knees.
      I don’t think its anything to worry about.

  • santu

    If You are racing it hard then red will start blinking around 9k to 10 k RPM based on Your preferred shift red line.if You do not shift gear then at 10.500 k it will constantly show red light and u will feel fuel cutoff.that is the design.If red light appears in mid range get checked by SVC.Engine heat up..umm check for collant level,tyre pressure and engine oil.As You are staying high in Alttitude please do not rev high initially,let the enginf come to normal working temp then rev it and use some good engine oil with low temp protection like motul 300v

  • Hartin

    I am a begineer. Planning for KTM 200 Duke. Is it a perfect bike for a beginner level?? I have also checked out the 200ns but i found it bit heavier than the duke. Duke being a lighter machine and much more eye catching i am in love with the duke. Please suggest…

  • tyroune

    go yamaha because i am sponsered by them.

  • akhil.prasad


    I am wishing to purchase yamaha r15 v2.0 …I am exactly 6 ft tall……is height an issue???
    well some of my frnds say tat since i am tall, the bike would be too small for me….but the fact is that they havent seen me riding an r15…its all their assumptions…nw am really concerned abt myheight

    what do you suggest??
    is height really an issue???
    which would be better for me?? ri5 or cbr ??
    pls give me a reply…..i am waiting

    best regards

  • sajal

    hey i have bought pulsar 200 ns but i see noone talking much about it.why is it so? have i made a wrong choice? is it inferior to these bikes? pl reply faisal pl.

  • Pronoy

    Hi my height is 5.4
    Am i be able to ride the ktm duke

  • azad

    hey ..guys , i want buy bike upto 1.30lack wich one best for me …!!!! r15 vs ktm duke 200 vs cbr150r vs 200 ns vs plser 220 vs…..wch one is best plzzz help yrrrrrrr….hurrrrryyyyy guyzzzzz

    • Azad, depends on your budget.

    • azad

      my budget up to 1.30 lack….!!!!

    • Azad, get the Yamaha R15.

  • Guddu

    I am heavily built. Which bike wud suit me. duke 200 or cbr 250r

  • azad

    what about cbr15r or ktmduke..!!!

    • Azad, both are good bikes.

    • azad

      but which one is best out of three…!!! i want bike which is best …!!

    • Azad, overall, the KTM Duke 200 seems to be the best bet.

    • azad

      soo…i buy r15 or duke..!!

    • Azad, get the Duke 200.

    • azad

      okkk bhai.!1

    • duke or cbr250

      duke 200..dude !!

  • mac

    Duke is awesome man
    i tried drag on straight road on airport side road …
    i reached 60 km/hr in just in 3.6 sec aftr trying again n again 4 times…drag
    n awesome braking then cbr 250 n r15…

    • duke or cbr250

      why dont you race with cbr 250 ninja 250 and ninja 300 then please let us know.. how much you felt ashamed of yourself !!

  • I like to visit motor LIKE R15 bikes.They are very nice bike but the yamaha R15 bikes need to increase cc

  • chandrakant

    hey guyz my height 5.10 …wch bike best for me upto 1 lack rupees#####

  • chandrakant

    hey guyz my height 5.10 …wch bike best for me upto 1 lack rupees

  • kashif

    i have pulsar ns i confused ki maine galat bike to nhi le li i like duke but meri wife ko acchi nhi lgi she says pulsar ns i dnt know whts the onroad price of ktm duke which is the powerful bike Ktm Duke or Pulsar NS

    • Kashif, have you read our Duke 200 vs Pulsar 200 NS shootout review?

  • sunil

    Nice review guys and thanks a lot.
    kindly promote safety in every aspect.

    • Sunil, glad you liked the review. Safety is always important and one should always gear up before riding.

  • Ravi

    CBR 250 is superb if you like long distance drive and if you don’t intend to overtake or make your way slicing through the traffic.

  • Vipul

    I just visited a Yamaha showroom in Andheri and they told me the price for R 15 is 1.26
    So what should I do now ?
    Should I go for R15 or should I check out KTM Duke ?

  • best and best and best HONDA CBR 250R THE BEST

  • dev sinha

    hey which one is best yamaha r15,cbr 150 and karizma zmr

    • duke or cbr250

      dont go for cbr 150 useless bike and please no zmr… bike for idiots..
      go for yamaha r15 special edition… matt black and green

  • duke or r15

    tell me dude what should i go for duke or cbr 250 non abs ..
    i am interested in racing , touring and show off.
    a rider knows everything . but m still confused.. i want something which will never make me regret ..
    i have r15 old ver.. the launch of r15 ver 2.0 made me regret.. but both are same ..only differ in looks..
    can you tell me tuned rev limiter duke 200 is faster than cbr 250 ??
    and 200 looks so small comparing duke..
    reply asap faisal…

    • duke or cbr250

      reply faisal khan come on

    • Dude, get the Duke 200. CBR250R still faster than a tuned Duke.

  • duke vs 250

    You mean to choose cbr ri8?? Or duke 200 ??
    You are confusing me!!!’

    • Duke 200.

    • duke vs cbr

      Any special reason

    • duke vs cbr

      Any special reason.. Or you are just giving your views ?

    • Duke 200 a more value for money and fun machine.

    • duke vs cbr250

      I am going for cbr 250 .. At today evening I just nailed ktm duke 200 in traffic haha… Sorry
      For him gear change Kar neh woh busy reh gaya haha…
      And passenger seat of duke 200 is piece of *rap…
      Gota go for village tour after this 12th exam..
      Maja ayega cbr 250r ke saat….
      and duke is piece of *hit…
      Just like riding Yamaha fz.. Not at all fun only lil bit of power so have to change gears quick due to rev limiter *hit… Cbr 250 rocks at least winter meh bi engine tanda nahi hoga jaldi.nitezz

  • golu

    Cbr 250r . . . . . . I don’t have money otherwive I would bought this.

  • Mukesh Bisht

    Hey guys,

    I have read all comment for R15, KTM Duke & CBR.
    One thing is that R15 is 153 cc bike and Duke is 200 & CBR 250.
    KTM Duke 200 is the most advanced machine handle like a charm and has strong brakes. but the R15 is the most surefooted handler, with the telepathic steering and cornering ability which shames bikes of a segment above. The CBR150R puts up a good fight with the R15 but lacks the finesse that the R15 has. The R15 is so good in terms of dynamics, it feels like it has an extra pair of wheels. Overall, if we had to pick for the best dynamics, i would close our eyes and hop onto the Yamaha R15.

  • Rachit

    @ Azad as Faisal said get duke 200 trust me you will love it because myself i own black DUKE 200 and its realy fun to ride..

  • aafaq

    Bro i dont have any budget problm i want a faired bike what should look very catchy one condition
    my dad wants is “good milage” and less maintainace coz i would go out of town next year what bike u would sugest me??
    I v red many of your articles i think u r the bst person i can ask…
    I also want one ting that it should not be very common because it seems very stupid to me to find someone with same bike that I have. . . . (well this condition not very necessary)
    I am 5.8″ and lil muscular
    Sugest me bike soon please
    And give me reason why I should go for it. . . .
    If you can please sugest me colour or edition also. .
    Hope you reply soon!. . .:-)

    • Aafaq, get the CBR150R if you plan to have a pillion often.

  • Baljinder Singh

    Hey faisal, my question is out of this topic….
    bro I m confused in bajaj pulsar 220 model…… 1st company launched Fi verision, next was F nd nw Dtsi-fi somthn……..
    I have all three models with different name….. wich curently in market?
    and y they Stop othr two? plz try to expln in details……..waiting for your reply ,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • Baljinder

      I have watched all three from past launching

    • Baljinder, they launch Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi in 2007. They discontinued it to launch 220 DTS-i, keeping everything the same and removing fuel injection (adding black coloured alloy wheels). Then they launched Pulsar 220 without projector headlights, called it 220S and the other one was called 220F. Now only the Pulsar with projector headlight comes. 220S has been discontinued.

  • Baljinder

    k thanx…….but now which model is available in showrooms? dts-fi or 220F

  • syed kasim ali

    hi..faisal assalam alekum ….my question is i have pulsar ns and my cousin have duke 200 why duke is faster then pulsar ns one reason is that duke is lite weight i like the duke meter console and function better then all bikes…

    • Syed, WAKS. Because the Duke has more power, it is faster.

  • somesh

    hey which one is beast duke 200 or cbr 250r

  • mithun

    hey guys im 6’3 which bike is suit for me

    • Mithun, what is your budget? Honda CBR250R a good bet for you.

    • Mani21

      Hii guys I confused with 2 bikes yamaha r15 or duke 200..i have 1.5lk my h-5.6,w-46 iam sleem guy so which bike I buy thn i want milg above help me guys which bike i buy????

  • mithun

    what is cbr’s mileage?

  • shiva

    im 6ft 2inch tall. i need a bike for everyday use. i heard duke is uncomfortable for tall people. and cbr 250 is out of my budget. so r15 or duke or cbr150?? i dont wanna feel uncomfortable and regret buying the bike. :)

    • aayush

      i think you should also consider pulsar 200ns.

    • shiva

      i did. but when compared to r15 and duke pulsar200ns looks dull. but if you are very sure its a much better bike for someone my height il consider it. :) i really want the duke. only worry is that i might be too tall for it. if there is someone out there who is my height and have had a duke from a long time please reply. :(

  • imran

    Hai!! guys…..these three bikes makes me so crazy….Im 5’8 and 58kg(will be so lean) and my budget is 1.4. Which bike suits me? and this will be my first bike!!!!

  • Nik

    Faisal: Which Bike should I opt for R15 or CBR250.
    Hw about the Handling of CBR250. The brakes of CBR250. As you have rated CBR 250 braking capability at 3rd when compared to other two which is bit hurting when purchased at 1.7lacs falling short of bikes R15 or ktm200 of lesser prices.

    • Nik, get CBR250R, much bigger bike than the R15.

  • Albin

    Hi Faisal
    I ride between Bangalore-Ooty-Nilambur in Kerala almost once in a month. Currently own a unicorn and planning for an upgrade (Keeping an 8K kms tour in mind). My daily commuting in bangalore city is 50kms and I’m 5.10ft. I consider my first choice as CBR250 with ABS but what I came to know is that (internet knowledge) its not a great machine for cornering. Since i’m not looking for R15 as its difficult to cruise at a speed of 130 for long time please help me to choose between DUKE200 and CBR250, just let me know how the uphill acceleration will be on both(I have struggled a lot on Unicorn while doing uphill). Budget is with in 2.25lakhs.

    • Albin, get the CBR250R, it’s more comfortable for frequent and long distance rides. Remember, both the Duke 200 and CBR250R produce 25 BHP which is quite a lot of power, so uphill riding will never be an issue.

    • Albin

      Thank you for your suggestion.. just a re-think, should i consider R15 since it gives a bit more FE.. just a second thought. You advices play a major role in my decision, it’ll be a great help.

    • Nope, don’t consider R15.

    • Albin

      Hi thanks Faisal.. will book it next week. Black one. :-)

  • alex

    im confused between cbr 250r and duke 200

  • Dibya

    Hi faisal!I am confused between these 3 bikes R15,duke 200 & cbr 250.i am 5 ft 6 inch & average body.i want stylish & good bike.plse tell me which suits my requirements?Thanks in advance

  • Dibya Ranjan

    Hi faisal!I am confused between these 3 bikes.i am 5 ft 6 inch & average body.i want stylish & good handling bike.plse tell me which suits my requirements?this will be my 1st bike.thanks in advance.

  • Pawan Kumar

    Pawan Kumar from Nainital.
    I like KTM Duke 200 – its a real compact bike much better than other available bikes in India and high speed bike – well controlled bike.
    I always enjoy my bike ride in Uttarakhand State – Himalayas. come and join me :lets have fun ride at foot hill of great Himalayas.

  • Pawan Kumar from Nainital

    One must have passion for Bike then only he can really enjoy the bike ride – thanks to MTK Duke 200 / Bajaj Auto.

    Pawan Kumar
    Nainital – Uttarakhand State

  • kk

    Out of the two duke 200 and the r15 which has stiffer suspension…..

  • Dibya

    Hi Faisal!I am going to buy my 1 st bike.i am confused between R15 & Duke height is 5’7″ & average body.i want both city & highway.please suggest me coz i’m really confused.

  • Shahrul Khan

    I wnt to buy a new bike nxt year 2014 but I m confused in cbr 250r and r15 v2. plz help me. I dnt hv any milage problem nor of money.

    • Wait for the CBR300R. If money not an issue, get the Ninja 300.

  • Dennis Paul

    Hey Faisal, Keep it Up buddy You doing a reat job, Iwas Planning to Gift my younger bro a new bike this year, he has been riding the Honda Dio so far, and has just started with the Gear bikes to get his license, I Myself own a Pulsar 220 but I have riden the baby Duke and i am in love with it coz of its handling. Do you suggest me to buy the Duke for my bro who has just started with Gear bikes, I would like to buy the Duke as i younger one loves it to and is passionate about mastering the bikes, What do you suggest Please Advice….Confused Bigtime!!!

    • Dennis, for a new rider, the R15 is a better option. Duke is too powerful and the 200 is mad in the way it delivers power.

  • kunal agarwal

    my height 5.7 n little bit healthy wich bike iz best fr m.. plz rply

  • ahammed kabeer

    Faisal baiii.. plzz help… iam confused about cbr250 n..duke 200.. i want gud performance.. best engine comfort riding and handling.. which will be helpful for me..too

    • You can’t get everything, CBR can’t match Duke’s handling and Duke can’t match CBR’s comfort.

  • Kushal Nakra

    Can Anyone Plzz Help Me Out….R15 v2 Or Duke 200 ?
    I’m Worried abt The Duke 200 milage and it’s design…(headlight)

    Wht Should I Do ?

    • Get the Duke 200 if you want performance, it’s close to 8 BHP more powerful, which is a lot.

  • Duke Sarath

    duke n duke only!!!
    Real Orange Monster!

  • kushal nakra

    Mr.Faisal Can you Plzz ….Tell Me The Correct Average Of Duke 200 ?

    Somewhere its show as 54km/l somewhere 25km/l…

  • Kushal Nakra

    Can I Get Ur Number Please.. I Have Some Queries..Plz Sort Me Out…Thnq .

  • Saurabh

    abe cbr250 eatne phadu gadi hai yaar top speed top look top break abs ktm is a waste r15 is also a waste I like only power full bike

  • Rajkumar Samal

    Hay friends i have r15 v2.0 limited edition i am thinking for change bike with duke 200. It is right decision for change the bike because i have also cbr 250r


    I love Yamaha R15. it has greater look compared to other 2

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