Bajaj Auto

Bajaj Auto NewsBajaj Auto is one of the oldest 2-wheeler manufacturers in India who started producing scooters in the 1960. With the shift in demand from scooters to motorcycles, Bajaj Auto stopped making scooters completely, thereby focussing entirely on bikes. Bajaj Auto is the third largest 2-wheeler company in the world and the second largest in India, offering a host of motorcycles including the highly famous Bajaj Pulsar and Bajaj Discover. Bajaj Auto also makes 3-wheelers and will foray into the 4-wheeler segment with the launch of the Bajaj RE60 quadricycle. Bajaj Auto is based out of Pune and has multiple plants in India. The company exports its products globally and has plans to do 50% sales of total production in markets outside of India. Bajaj Auto owns 47% of Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM.

Bajaj Reports 21% Decline In Motorcycle Sales In February 2015

Bajaj has been losing out to its rivals for quite some time now and will be hoping to bring cheer to its disappointed fans with a range of new bikes waiting to be launched. Bajaj Auto recently revived its 100cc offering, the CT 100 for the Indian market and is now also shortly going to launch the much […]

Bajaj Silently Launches New CT 100, Priced At Rs. 35,801/-

Bajaj has silently revived its 100cc offering the CT 100 for the Indian market and is already on sale in Tier-III cities with deliveries set to commence soon. Having lost its market share extensively in the past couple of months, Bajaj Auto is making rampant changes to bring back volumes to its name. In a […]

Bajaj Aims To Become A Global Leader In Motorcycles

While its market share in India has been faltering, Bajaj aims to grow on a global scale and plans to double its sales to 32.50 lakh units by the financial year 2020. While the last decade was owned by Bajaj Auto with its host of new launches and introduction of sporty affordable motorcycles in the […]

Bajaj Auto To Launch Two New Motorcycle Brands In 2015

Bajaj Auto will expand its brands with the launch of two new motorcycle brands in 2015, one in the 100cc segment while the other in the 125cc space. Bajaj Auto has been sharply losing market share and their presence in the domestic market has reduced so much that TVS has overtaken them for the third […]

This 100 BHP Auto Rickshaw Will Blow Your Mind, Literally [Video]

The Bajaj RE Tuk Tuk uses a Honda CBR650RR 4-cylinder engine producing 100 BHP of power and is equipped with machine guns, missiles and even a flame thrower. You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video To put it very bluntly, the auto rickshaw also called as the Tuk Tuk is […]

Bajaj To Concentrate On New Categories, Not Commuter Segment

Learning from its mistakes, Bajaj Auto stated that it won’t be going aggressive in the commuter segments or the 100cc bike segment as it is losing sales in the mass volume category. The Pune based automaker most recently launched the new Discover 150 F/S and stated that the company will focus on creating new categories […]

Now Honda Overtakes Bajaj In Domestic Motorcycle Sales [Updated]

Bajaj Auto is losing market share quickly. From being en route to challenge Hero for the top spot in sales around 7-8 years back, to now falling fourth in domestic sales, Bajaj is facing a lot of competition from rivals. Last year, Honda displaced Bajaj from the number two spot in sales while last month […]

Bajaj Shows Lack Of Confidence In Getting Scooters Right

“If I cannot get the Discover right after 10 years, how can I get something right when starting from scratch?” – Rajiv Bajaj, MD, Bajaj Auto. Not the best choice of words to come from one of the biggest two-wheeler manufacturers in India. Bajaj Auto has been struggling with depreciating sales, market share and product […]

Is Bajaj Auto Late To The Scooter Party?

It is not a secret anymore that the Bajaj Discover despite coming in three avatars ever since its inception has failed to kill the likes of the Hero Splendor. However time passes by and new competition steps in. Honda has come in with their Dream series of motorcycles and surpassed Bajaj’s Discover. Let it be […]

Bajaj Auto has always been bringing good news with the unveiling of their performance motorcycles. The Pulsar CS 400 and SS 400 have stunned the crowds with its design, leave alone the powerful engine and kind of components they pack. However, this time we have bad news for you. Bajaj has not been doing well […]