Volkswagen India celebrated as the 11,111,111th Polo ever produced rolled out from the company’s Pune facility. The plant which was opened in 2009 is a key element in Volkswagen’s future growth within the Indian subcontinent. At the event, the German President toured the new Volkswagen plant in Maharashtra accompanied by a delegation of 30 high-ranking representatives from politics and industry. The group found out about the training programs for the newly recruited employees and the innovative production processes at the plant.

The Pune plant is one of the most modern in the VW Group and covers all stages in the production process from press shop through body shop and paint shop to final assembly. It has a maximum annual capacity of 110,000 vehicles. In addition to the Volkswagen Polo, the Pune plant also builds the Skoda Fabia. With a total financial commitment amounting to $800 million USD, the VW plant in Pune is the largest investment to date by a German company in India. VW plans to employ 2,500 people locally by the end of 2010.