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The French car manufacturer, Renault is widely known globally for making some controversially designed vehicles and excellent environmental friendly cars. However, there is more to the company than you might think. Renault also equally develops aggressive and fast cars, one such being the Megane Coupe. The Renault Megane is primarily a 4 door sedan which is sold in the European countries by the manufacturer at a very aggressive pricing. There is also a 2 door or coupe version of the same vehicle and the 2009 edition of the same got some nice styling changes. After getting an overwhelming response, Renault went ahead and developed a race spec version of the same model.

Called the Megane RS Trophy, this car is sure to blow you away with its looks and what it has to offer underneath. The car has got “hell bent” aggressive looks from all angles and underneath it shares the same underpinnings with the previous Renault Coupe Trophy. However, the major change comes with the addition of the composite body in the new model which offers high strength and a significant weight reduction at the same time. The car gets an FIA homologated sports tubular chassis, a Nissan V6 mid-rear mounted engine and a semi automatic gearbox. The car gets a 3.5 litre, V6 engine that delivers a power output of 360 BHP (60 BHP more compared to the previous model) and torque of 360Nm (20 Nm more) between 3000 RPM to 6000 RPM.

Such staggering performance figures are sure to result in staggering performance numbers with a 0-to-100km/h time of just 6 seconds (down 0.1s) with a top speed of 254 km/h (up 4km/h). So staggering is the performance that Renault is claiming the car can lap a Porsche GT3 in any race track! The car gets double wishbone suspension at the front with adjustable dampers and 18 inch wheels. The new model also gets a big boost in terms of its aerodynamic performance. Renault engineers have engineered the front and rear spoilers resulting in a 20% boost in aerodynamic performance and a 15% reduction in drag compared to the previous model. Renault will be selling the Trophy RS in form of performance kits and the upgrade will be carried out at its Alpine factory in Dieppe.

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