2013 KTM X-Bow GT Front Overlook

KTM will be unveiling a slightly more accommodating version of their ultra-light sports car, X-Bow at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. The X-Bow (Crossbow) is KTM’s first venture into cars which was launched in 2008. This Austrian sportscar has proved its worth on the race tracks with its amazing performance. However, it has been futile when it comes day to day driving. People owning one for driving on the streets, especially in cold or rainy weather found the X-Bow very impractical. The X-Bow lacks something basic even what other open top cars do possess, a windshield.

KTM started working on this front since almost last year and are ready to showcase a slightly more generous version of the X-bow which is named as X-BOW GT. So stepping inside the new KTM X-Bow will greet you with a windshield and doors with side glasses. Although it affects the racing dynamics of the sports car, the add-ons should lengthen the usability of the X-Bow other than on the race track. This will result in the vehicle appealing to a large section of buyers, who can now start using the X-Bow on a daily basis.

Another addition could be a removable roof-top to the X-Bow which can be put up upto a speed of about 130 km/hr. Anything above that speed limit and ofcourse on the race track, the roof would have to be kept aside. Powering the KTM X-Bow GT is a 4-cylinder, 2.0-litre TFSI engine sourced from Audi. The figures speak power of 300 BHP and a maximum torque of 400 Nm. Rumours are that it could also possess a 2.5-litre, 250 BHP turbocharged engine from the Audi TT-RS.

The KTM X-Bow R sprints to 100 km/hr in 3.6 seconds and has a top speed of 231 km/hr. Will Bajaj-KTM launch the X-Bow in India, considering the Ariel Atom is on sale in the country, priced between Rs. 55 – 85 lakhs. The KTM X-Bow could be priced in India for under Rs. 30 lakhs if it is locally manufactured by Bajaj Auto.

2013 KTM X-Bow GT Front

2013 KTM X-Bow GT Side