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The cabin feels well-built but has some rough edges

Interiors – The sidesteps come in handy because you have to haul yourself into the TUV300’s high cabin. The layout is surprisingly friendly. The changes are not extensive but what you’ll instantly notice is the addition of a new touch-screen infotainment system. The system has above-average resolution and is easy to use but misses out on the all-important Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity features. Sound quality from the speakers is pretty average too.

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The large windows give the cabin an airy feel

Changes to the upholstery uplift the appeal of the cabin with a feel-good factor

The beige theme makes the cabin look upmarket. Gone is the fabric upholstery replaced by a more premium looking leatherette one. The front seats are supportive with decent adjustment. The view outside and around, as one would expect is stellar. It does feel like a proper high riding car. But some ergonomic issues remain. The window switches are on the centre and not on the doors. Accessing the AC controls which are placed way down the dashboard can be challenging when on the move. The quality of materials can be called above average for a car of this class and price. But there is a sense of durability to all the materials around.

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Three people can seat comfortably in the second row

Second-row space is very generous. The headroom is superb and so is the legroom. The seats are wide and not contoured. This means you can fit three quite comfortably. However, the seat base is a bit too generous and shorter people will find themselves stretching their legs to get comfortable.

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The last row is extremely cramped for adults

While the first and the second-row seats are very spacious, the third row is best used by small children or luggage

The last row boasts of jump seats. They are usable for extremely small journeys. Space is utterly cramped and placing two adults is close to impossible. The jump seats are best suited to kids but we won’t recommend that since there are no safety features like headrests and seatbelts and the seats are precariously close to the rear hatch. We recommend folding them away and using the space for storing luggage.