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The diesel engine has great low-end punch

Performance – The Mahindra TUV300 facelift comes with the same engine as the older car but it is now offered only in the higher state of tune. The 1.5-litre, 3-cyl, diesel engine produces 100 HP and 240 Nm and it comes mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox and an automatic isn’t on offer. Crank the TUV, it’ll vibrate initially but then the vibrations settle down and it actually feels decently refined. The engine is noisy, yes, but again the clatter isn’t very annoying especially at low RPMs. Of course, when you push the gas and are nearing the higher spectrum of the RPM band, the clatter gets louder.

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The manual gearbox is smooth and mated to a light clutch

The TUV300 is now offered only in the higher state of tune (100 HP)

Driveability from this diesel engine is pretty decent. In the city when you’re driving at low RPMs, the engine impresses with its low-end punch and eagerness to move forward. The mid-range is punchy too but only up to 3500 RPM because after that the engine feels unresponsive and power delivery is also tapered down even though the redline is well above 4500 RPM. People buying a TUV300 aren’t likely to gun it down the highways anyway, so most users shouldn’t really have a reason to complain here. The 5-speed gearbox has short ratios while the throws are long yet fairly smooth. The clutch has a long travel too but is thankfully light. The TUV fares very nicely on the fuel efficiency front and with its decently large fuel tank, don’t be surprised if you do 700 kms on a single tank of fuel. Mahindra is offering an engine start/stop system but it is a bit slow to respond and the car vibrates a lot while starting which itself creates a bitter feeling so we suggest it’s best to keep the ESS switched off.

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The TUV300 feels rugged and sturdy on the worst of roads

Driving Dynamics – Nothing much has changed here, the 2019 Mahindra TUV300 drives the same as the older car. The suspension is very tough, can overcome poor roads with ease and feels pretty long-lasting but the ride quality isn’t something that this SUV can boast of. The ride does feel bouncy and on rough roads, there is a significant amount of vertical movement in the cabin. The car also doesn’t feel as stable as some other cars in this segment out on the highways. The steering doesn’t provide any sort of feedback and is pretty lifeless while the TUV has a fair amount of body roll too. As I mentioned earlier, not a car for enthusiasts but its target audience will definitely love its durability.