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The GLC gets a new steering wheel with two touchpads

Interiors – The interior of the Mercedes GLC always felt like a good place to be in and the facelifted model here has just made things so much better. Upfront, you get the same layout for the centre console and most of the controls but the most prominent changes are the new steering and of course the highlight of the GLC, the new MBUX infotainment system. The new steering wheel gets two touchpads to control the infotainment and the instrument console. The cruise control buttons have moved up to the wheel as well. The instrument cluster gets the same layout as before but the MID has transformed, with a new 3D look and far better colours.

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One can monitor & control various features of their GLC through an app

The GLC also gets Mercedes’ latest MBUX infotainment system with connected car features and a voice assistant

The MBUX system consists of a 10.25-inch touchscreen with an in-built Vodafone sim card. Functions like Apple CarPlay and navigation can be operated through touch but the downer here is that CarPlay isn’t wireless. With the in-built sim card, the GLC now boasts of connected car technology and you can remotely lock/unlock your car, switch on the AC and even remotely switch off the engine if your car gets stolen. It also gets functions like vehicle tracking and geo-fencing. The app also displays tyre pressures, vehicle’s health and fuel status, while there’s a version of the app compatible with the Apple Watch too. The MBUX also gets a Voice Assistant feature which does work quite well, but tends to be overly responsive.

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The GLC is quite spacious for its size & the large sunroof gives an airy feel

Space at the rear is quite decent. You get enough knee room and headspace and the overall ambience is quite pleasant and airy. Mercedes is now offering manually retractable sun-blinds along with USB Type-C ports at the rear. The boot of the GLC has a good cargo capacity and stuff all your luggage for more than a weekend’s drive. The front seats continue being as good as before with very good support for the back, lumbar and under-thighs. The driving position is indeed very good and offers a good view ahead but I’d have liked the GLC to come with memory seats with this update.