TVS-BMW continue exporting the K03 from India for testing purposes. Within a month, thirty-two units of the bike have been taken out of the country.

BMW Motorrad Concept Roadster
Stellar looks will be the TVS-BMW K03’s forte

The most anticipated launch from the TVS stable this year is undoubtedly the K03 which is being developed in coordination with BMW. Both the brands together are using each other’s strengths to come up with a quarter-litre bike which beats everything in the segment. With BMW working on the technological part and TVS looking at manufacturing the bike in a cost effective manner, we believe a stellar bike will be produced and offered with a lucrative price tag. This would give it an edge above pretty much everything it would compete with.

Since the bike is being made to world class standards and will be introduced in international markets too, TVS-BMW are leaving no stone unturned and testing the K03 to the max. Lots of units of the bike have been exported out of India to Germany, BMW Motorrad’s headquarters. This shows that the German automaker wants to test the vehicle at its best facility in the world and use the technological prowess of the employees stationed at its headquarters. The most surprising bit from the export records is the price. The mentioned price is Rs. 1.07 lakhs which although has little relevance now, could make the bike priced aggressively against the KTM Duke 390.

What we feel is that even with all the taxes and margins added, if TVS-BMW are able to price the bike around the Rs. 2 lakh mark (ex-showroom), it will be a great proposition for anyone looking for a bike in the segment. If the bigger bikes from BMW are seen, they have exceptional levels of quality and explosive performance and the K03 is expected to be no different. With a 300cc single-cylinder engine, the motorcycle will take on everything right from the KTM Duke 390 to the Benelli TNT 300. It would be tough to beat all the bikes and we can’t wait to see the dogfight.

BMW Motorrad Concept Roadster Wallpaper
Performance and quality levels are expected to be above the competition

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