Daniel Velandia, a biking enthusiast from Colombia in South America has achieved a milestone, by riding his Bajaj Pulsar 180 from Colombia to India. The bike enthusiast rode his Pulsar across 23 countries covering over 30000 miles, to visit the birthplace of his Pulsar. This was a journey of a lifetime and of self-discovery for Daniel, experiencing the freedom and magic that can only be sensed onboard a motorcycle, to the commands of a Pulsar 180, which Daniel calls Elvira.

“I am delighted on completing this journey on my Pulsar 180. My dream of traveling and riding across the World has become a reality. This has been an unforgettable adventure, filled with unparalleled experiences, surviving difficult times in which both human and machine strength were tested, but from which both came out proud,” said Daniel.


He was struck with the idea of combining his passion for motorcycling and traveling across the globe in the year 2007, giving birth to this adventure. His journey started from South America, through the African continent and concluded in Asia. Along the way he passed countries such as Columbia, Argentina, South Africa, riding country by country towards northern Africa, passing by the Suez Canal to the Middle East, and finally arriving in India. Daniel’s motorcycle was equipped with some trimming protections to save him from any fall and was loaded with two cases for his limited luggage.

Daniel Velandia is 34 years old and has been riding motorcylces for the last 9 years. His first possession was a Plus (Chetak 150) model, year 93 and over the last 5 years, he has dedicated his life to motorcycles. He was a test rider at a local factory in colombia and then a test rider for the colombian magazine La Revista DEMOTOS where he had the opportunity to test some amazing motorcycles. During the course of this trip, he got the opportunity to pursue some riding courses, both off road and race road riding, in South Africa. He hopes in future to get some kind of a PhD for riding.

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Source – BikeIndia