Bharat-Benz Ice Road Truckers
Three celebrities are driving the Bharat-Benz trucks on challenging roads

Earlier when we used to talk about trucks in India, we always had this image of rickety, loud, ugly and most importantly challenging vehicles to drive. Things have changed now in the country thanks to the new range of Bharat-Benz trucks. These trucks not only look presentable but also add to the practicality of carrying goods and are relatively easy to drive for long hauls with comfortable cabins loaded with modern day features.

One such truck is the Bharat-Benz MDT 1214R that is also being showcased nowadays in a HISTORY TV18 show called ‘Ice Road Truckers’ where Mandira Bedi, Sangram Singh and Varun Sharma are driving the MDT 1214R truck. This show highlights the features and the ease of driving the Bharat-Benz MDT truck conquering rough terrains and the challenging roads of the Himalayas. You can watch the last three episodes on this website.

Mandira Bedi is an adventure seeker female and you watch her drive the truck through the treacherous roads of Himalayas. Sangram Singh is a famous wrestling champion while Varun Sharma is an actor. You will see them drive through very narrow roads, broken tarmac, landslides, extreme weather conditions and low oxygen levels. They are driving Bharat Benz trucks through these obstacles and it’s interesting to see them deal with the tough situations in the show. They have to deal with the routine truckers on those roads as well who are familiar with the route and drive quite fast.

Their task in the show is to deliver important goods like food, staples and daily usage goods in their trucks from one destination to another in a given time. All three anchors are given individual Bharat Benz trucks to complete their task and go through the extreme obstacles of the Himalayan roads. The Bharat Benz MDT 1214R is their weapon for victory.

In terms of styling, the MDT 1214R comes with a modern front-end design. There are two sizeable headlamps along with a huge grille in the middle and the Bharat-Benz logo. The lower-end of the truck is clad in black making it look tough and rugged. It comes with powerful fog lamps that are very useful on cloudy and foggy roads of the north for optimum visibility.

There are heavy duty radial tyres being offered in the truck that provide better traction and easy cornering on rough terrains. Powering the MDT 1214R is a 4-cylinder 3907cc diesel engine known as 4D34i that produces 140 BHP of maximum power at 2500 RPM and 420 Nm of peak torque between 1500-2500 RPM, mated to a 6+1-speed transmission. The truck comes with a 200-litre fuel tank capacity for good range.

The cabin of the Bharat-Benz truck is spacious and offers good comfort to the driver and passengers so that there is minimal fatigue over long driving hours for the driver. The cabin is fully air conditioned which further adds to the comfort of the driver. The AC doesn’t compromise on fuel efficiency.

The aggregates of the Bharat-Benz truck are reliable and the overall build quality is such that you won’t face any breakdown issues. All of these attributes of the new age trucks from Bharat-Benz can be witnessed in the Ice Road Truckers show on HISTORY TV18 channel where the hosts take the trucks through the thick and thin of the Himalayas.

Bharat-Benz Trucks
The capable Bharat-Benz MDT 1214R is their weapon to conquer rough terrains