BMW Driver Training 1

The German luxury car manufacturer, BMW has introduced their famous “BMW Driver Training Program” in India for the present BMW customers and the would-be prospects also. This is really good news for all the BMW owners and those who are planning to own a BMW very soon. Initially, the BMW Driver Training Program would be first conducted in the Delhi NCR region and Chennai from February to March 2012. The BMW dealerships in the Delhi NCR and Chennai regions would be identifying potential customers and prospective candidates for the training program.

“BMW Driver Training is a signature training programme to improve the driving skills, handling, reaction time and awareness of BMW customers. The aim was, and remains, to provide an opportunity to know the capabilities of a BMW better and experience the superior BMW technology. The BMW Driver Training programme is designed to help customers to overcome potential hazards in day-to-day driving,” Dr. Andreas Schaaf, President, BMW Group India said

Under this Driver Training Program, the customers would be taught by expert BMW instructors about various techniques starting from basics such as the correct seating position and steering wheel posture to the appropriate steering technique, avoidance manoeuvres, emergency and target braking, dynamic lane changes and deliberately induced understeering or oversteering on bends. BMW states that the Driver Training Program is aimed at helping the car driver face different challenges that he/she faces everyday on the roads. It helps to retain the composure and thinking ability of the driver under emergency situations. It also helps the customers to develop their self-confidence and enhance the pleasure they feel while everyday driving. Afterall, the USP of BMW cars is “sheer driving pleasure”.

BMW Driver Training 2