Bosch Power Tools

During the Expo, Bosch power tools had a stall where they showcased their Automobile related products. This was probably a few of those stalls, where the crowds had decided to maintain their sanity which was otherwise lost in the overcrowded Pragati Maidan. I had a chance to check out the products in person with demo’s of a few too and was impressed with the technology Bosch offers in this line of business.

Bosch is a German giant which manufactures things right from consumer home appliances to heavy duty automobile equipment such as diesel systems, gasoline systems, chassis, starters, generators etc. In fact, the Tata Nano diesel is touted to be powered by a Bosch diesel motor. Even the motor which powers the dental chairs in my clinic are of Bosch make.

Finishig Products

Bosch Power Tools had many products on offer but most of them are used in car detailing & servicing industry. Sia abrasives, a top of the line Swiss company has been taken over by Bosch lately and offers abrasives such as polishing systems and buffs of different grit to get the ultimate shine on your car.

Cutters and paint removing equipment is used in the accident repair centers.

Tightening Systems

Precision tightening units, such as this, are used in automotive assembly line.

Coming to the products which got my attention specifically were DIY (do it yourself) pressure car washer and battery operated drivers.

Aquatek Car Washer

How many us take it to heart when a bird poops on our machines! Many i am sure. The Aquatek Car Washer is a DIY device which has been specifically designed to give your car a high pressure wash. Maximum pressure can be as high as 100 bar and the nozzle can be adjusted between a spray and pin point flow. It houses a 1500 Watt motor which spools up the pressure, all you need is a water supply and its simply plug and play. This is the entry level model in the range with heavier duty motors used in the models which are used in garage’s and are designed to run non stop for many hours at a time.

Aquatek Spray

I tried a hand at it myself and the was told not to put my hand to check the spray, reasons for that are obvious. At 100 bar pressure, my hand would be sliced neater than a surgical blade. For the engine bay, the nozzle can be adjusted to get an even spray. 5 meters of hose comes along with the washer and it weighs about 6 kgs.


The battery operated driver comes handy when you want to change your punctured tyre in a jiffy. The new 18 Volt Lithium ion battery once charged can last for more than 6 months with average usage. Getting all the 4 nuts out took me about 45 seconds and the same time to put them on. The torque is phenomenal and results in super quick tyre changes. Most of these products are readily available at Bosch outlets. For more details you can check out their official website here.