The head-up display system reduces the distraction for the rider by putting up information about navigation, road alerts and motorcycle features on the visor.

Continental Skully Head Up Display System
The head up display study showcases essential data on the helmet visor

Taking a step forward in bringing motorcycling and wearable devices to a new level, global automotive supplier Continental in collaboration with helmet maker Skully Systems showcased its new Head-Up display study at the recently concluded Intermot Motorcycle Show in Germany earlier this month. On the lines of a head-up display found on car windshields, the new study uses the same principle to reduce distractions for the rider providing enhanced safety and comfort.

The head-up display system brings forth all the necessary information including information on navigation, road alerts and motorcycle specific features such as inclination angles in the field of view of the rider on the helmet visor. The head-up system also does a shoulder check and shows the rider what is happening in the blind spot via a rear-looking camera. Hence, the motorcyclist can create a virtual road and recognize critical situations more quickly. The company also showcased a two-minute simulation at the Intermot show to demonstrate the experience of using the head-up display system under realistic conditions.

The helmet in this product study was linked via a Bluetooth 4.0 to an electronic control unit that analyzes and processes data from the vehicle. The system is connected to the vehicle’s sensors and electronic system and also obtains information from the immediate surroundings and other digital sources. In addition, the system is able to measure the motorcycle speed from the GPS while also being linked to the speedometer and displays the accurate figure on to the visor. Moreover, more complicated systems like gear shift indicator is also displayed on the head-up unit, if the speed has been increased or decreased.

The head-up unit also displays traffic data, routes, maps and other details like that of an accident on the route immediately on to the field of view of the rider. The new system is certainly needed by riders and is also a step forward in motorcycle safety. Moreover, the system also uses the helmet very wisely without altering the design or comfort levels. Continental has announced no details on when the production ready model will be available.

Skully AR-1 Helmet
The head up unit is not production ready but will first come on Skully helmets