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The AMT will be priced at a premium of around Rs. 30,000/- over the MT trim

Verdict – The Datsun redi-GO is a good car if you’re strictly going to drive in the city and want the convenience of an AMT. The car has light controls and decent punch for regular jaunts. Don’t expect it to drive like a large hatchback and it won’t disappoint you. The car itself is fairly basic & compact and doesn’t get too many features either. However, it’ll have low running costs for sure. Datsun doesn’t have many service centres too and that could be an issue for many people. All in all, the redi-GO’s only USP is the AMT for now, because on other counts like space, comfort and service, there are rivals that fare better.

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The 5-speed AMT gets a manual mode too

What’s Cool

* Performance is good enough for city driving
* AMT gearbox has been mated nicely
* Light controls and compact size make it easy to drive in the city

What’s Not So Cool

* Lots of evident cost cutting
* Poor driving mannerisms, especially the brakes

Alternatives: Renault Kwid AMT, Maruti Alto K10 AMT, Tata Nano AMT

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Would you fancy a redi-GO over the Kwid or Alto?

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