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The much often debated topic is which is the best hatchback. We have tried our best on multiple occasions to answer this question by doing a shootout (Swift vs i20, Swift vs Punto, Punto vs Polo, etc). However nothing beats an owners perspective, who already drives these cars on a daily basis. Yesterday Passion left a comment on a post, wherein he pasted what one of his friends had written on the Polo vs Punto debate. Checkout what he has to say below.

I own a POLO which ran 38000 kms and a Punto which covered 68000 kms (Punto was bought as a second hand car when I bought it, it had covered 47000 kms). Now I have used the Punto almost more than POLO as I simply love it when I go for longer trips. I was simply impressed with my friends Punto that is why when I needed a second car, I went for Punto. The reality is POLO is 100% expensive to maintain than a Punto (the service costs are almost double). Parts are 3-4 times expensive. I would still rate Punto’s service stations better than POLO, as VW dealers don’t give much care to POLO owners as they make more money from their costly cars.

Regarding the car, interiors of the POLO give a pleasant feeling with the beige color and the quality feel plastics and I think the comparison ends there. The disadvantages I see with POLO compared to Punto are more.

1. POLO sits lower.
2. There is no space at all in the rear bench.
3. Puntos plastics looks bad and nothing to talk about it but I think it lasts longer than POLO as already POLO started rattling. My Punto is smoother and rattle free than my POLO. I have no idea about how the previous owner of Punto used it. However, I maintained POLO like a child.
4. High speed ability is better in Punto (here again 68000 kms of Punto flairs better than 38000 kms on the Polo. Ride is almost perfect in both.
5. Engine vibrations and sound is more in POLO than Punto. Rubber Quality (beedings and all) is any day better in POLO. Also plastics lock in Polo (storage lock- i don’t what it is called) far better than Punto’s. AC is very effective in both. I felt engine sound increases in POLO when AC is on. Fan Sound is irritating in Punto.
6. I find interiors of POLO is difficult to maintain because of the beige color.
7. Punto scrapes its underbody everywhere (have to take lot of care – This I would say is the only disadvantage with Punto).
8. POLO with full load again can under scrape.

Definitely I would say the Punto is altogether a better car than POLO any day. Again if I am given a choice between Volkswagen and Fiat Grande Punto when I go for a new car next time with closed eyes I will go for a PUNTO.

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