Italian car maker Fiat, will now sell cars through Fiat Chrysler (FCA) multi-brand dealerships in order to tackle the ongoing slump of sales in India. This sales strategy has been successful for Fiat at a global level.

Fiat Abarth 595 Competizione
Fiat will share space alongside brands like Jeep and Abarth

The new FCA (Fiat Chrysler Association) outlets will commence operations with the first outlet based out of Mumbai from the coming festive season. The Jeep brand and Fiat cars will be sold together in the coming years. The aim is to let Fiat dealers sell more cars than they could under the sole Fiat brand.

The FCA has also reworked on the incentive structure with the dealerships. A gradual transition will result into around 80 dealers turning into a multi-brand dealership which will sell Fiat, Jeep and Abarth brands under the same roof. This is a sensible move given the fact that sales of Fiat cars have not been encouraging.

Top personnel from FCA commented that their business was not about the volumes that they have as of now, but what they will be in the future and they would not need half of the manpower and infrastructure if it was about the volume they are doing right now. He added that it was about the future and not the present.

He also added that the FCA will address the perception part with brand new FCA dealership format which will roll out this festive season. The company has discussed the sustainability perspective with the dealers by reworking the incentive structure and that now, they are in the process of defining the future product map to bring the Fiat brand back into sizeable volumes.

We at MotorBeam, believe that Fiat makes amazing cars when it comes to build quality, ride and handling. But it is often let down due to the several aspects of poor after sales service. The current users of Fiat vehicles also are often heard saying that they do not have any potential upgrade options under the Fiat brand.

FCA Dealerships In India

– Fiat will now sell cars under Fiat Chrysler Association dealerships in India just like it does globally
– The move is made to tackle the low sales of Fiat cars across its outlets in India
– This will enable dealers to sell Fiat cars alongside brands like Jeep and Abarth
– FCA has reworked on the incentive structure for the dealerships for sustainability issues

2016 Fiat Abarth Punto
The after sales part has been a thorn and proven costly for Fiat