Ford Aspire Facelift Review Long Term
Ford has a true winner in the compact sedan segment with the Aspire

Ford Aspire Facelift Long Term Review

Car Tested: Ford Aspire Titanium+ Diesel
Kms Done: 2493 kms
Test Started at: 5787 kms
Test Concluded at: 8280 kms
Mileage: 15 km/l, 17 km/l (best), 11 km/l (worst)
Fuel Consumed: 166.2-litres
Total Fuel Cost: Rs. 12,881/-
Fuel Cost Per Km: Rs. 5.20/-

A fuel-efficient compact sedan with a comfortable cabin makes the Ford Aspire diesel a practical daily driver

I migrated from the capital into a city where I last saw the sun on the flight, 30 days ago. Arrived with overweight luggage and no experience of driving on flooded roads where yesterday’s pothole is today’s grand canyon. From a long term fleet of compact SUVs, hatchbacks and sedans, Faisal gave me the Ford Aspire with a slight nod. Truth be told, I was eyeing the 205 mm ground clearance of the Duster, 19 km/l frugality of the Jazz while the Aspire was a hard pass. Little did I know that I will miss the sedan when it will part our long-term fleet of carriers. 

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The Aspire is the best performing car in its segment

The 1.5-litre diesel engine I got to drive around is a hoot and rather tried and tested because the same motor does duty on the EcoSport, Figo and Freestyle and even the pre-facelift Aspire. The engine pulls beautifully and never grunts to interrupt the cabin, which honestly, deserves +2 points being an oil-burner. The clutch is light, the 5-speed gearbox slots well and the torque kicks in early around 1600 RPM. Even though the car goes through some initial lag, the mid-range is extremely strong. My daily driving in the Aspire included some uneven city roads and a few kilometres of open highways. While the light steering felt like a boon in Mumbai’s bumper to bumper traffic, upon the highways, it made me a little hesitant and cautious on the accelerator. No doubt that the steering is light, precise and does its duty but at high speeds, it kind of takes a vacation.   

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The suspension setup on the Aspire handles bad roads pretty well

When I failed to rev the motor to its limits and almost cut a point for the steering wheel, I sighed believing that Ford just wanted to keep me safe. I remember this thought being interrupted by a huge let’s say ‘uncovered opening in a paved area’ bringing the Aspire to a halt. 50 points to Ford for proceeding over it so gracefully. The suspension on the Aspire facelift does well to handle speed bumps and rainwater filled potholes which arrive out of nowhere.