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The Aspire has some tough competition in its segment

The Ford Aspire facelift is a reliable car and we’ve stressed it enough that it deserves to sell more. Probably what doesn’t rake in numbers for Ford in this segment is the presence of two very strong contenders – the Maruti Dzire and the Honda Amaze. If we let numbers talk, the former was the 2nd most selling car in July 2019 while the latter was at number 11 out of 25. 

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Ford has gone above and beyond to sell the Aspire

Well, Ford is now offering the Aspire facelift in a CNG variant coupled with a 1 lakh kms warranty on the car and the CNG kit which it claims to be class-leading in the category. Meanwhile, the brand also offers a first-in-class standard 5-year warranty on its fossil-fueled engines. Ford also offers the lowest cost of ownership in the segment and we did not face any major issues with the car at the end of our short tenure. Here’s hoping I see more units on the road, saving damsels from gaping potholes!

What’s Cool

* Punchy diesel engine
* Interior fit and finish
* Attractive pricing

What’s Not So Cool

* Headlights illuminate insufficiently
* Steering feel could’ve been slightly better

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Ford is offering segment-leading warranty with the Aspire

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