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I really like the driving position of the Figo siblings

The dashboard gets a beige and black colour scheme while the seats get beige leather upholstery. This needs a bit more maintenance than a darker interior but otherwise looks very pleasant and adds to the airy feeling in the cabin. AC performance is brilliant and I used the MAX AC mode a lot of times when the car was parked out in the sun. The audio system is an old-school unit with tons of buttons but that is soon going to be replaced by a touchscreen unit which is already available on the EcoSport. Sound quality from the speakers is good at low and medium volumes but if you turn up the volume, quality goes for a toss and audiophiles might have a reason to upgrade the speakers. The Aspire misses out on a lot of features like keyless go, reverse camera, parking sensors, projectors, etc. but thankfully most of this will be addressed by Ford with the upcoming Figo Aspire facelift.

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The lack of parking sensors is an issue but thankfully the Aspire is compact enough

The Aspire was rock solid in terms of reliability in its stint with us

The sub-4-metre length makes the car perfect for city driving and even though it doesn’t have parking sensors, the windows are large and parking isn’t a very difficult task. I liked the comfort of the rear seat even though I sat in the rear just once in all these months. The front seats could do with a bit more cushioning on the sides. While the lower back support is decent, under thigh support isn’t all that great either. The driving position, however, is spot on. I was a bit skeptical about the small ORVMs but thankfully they have a good field of view so that’s not a concern. Storage spaces in the cabin are okayish, a few more wouldn’t hurt.

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The Aspire misses out on basic niceties like a sunvisor mirror

Ford Figo Aspire Diesel Service Costs

1. Service Schedule – 10,000 kms/12 months (whichever is earlier)
2. Cost of Service per 1,00,000 Km – Rs. 50,889/-
3. Labour cost per paid service – Rs. 2321/-
4. Cost of Spares –

* Engine Oil Per Service – Rs. 1175/- (3.8-litres)
* Air Filter – Rs. 211/-
* Brake Oil – Rs. 759/-
* Oil Filter – Rs. 371/-
* Fuel Filter – Rs. 1313/-
* Brake Pads (Front) – Rs. 1603/-
* Front Bumper (without painting) – Rs. 1757/-
* Rear Bumper (without painting) – Rs. 2600/- (est.)
* Headlamp Assembly (Each) – Rs. 2824/-
* Tail Lamp Assembly (Each) – Rs. 2500/- (est.)