Galpin Auto Sports GTR-1 Rendering

Galpin Auto Sports, an automobile dealership and custom-made cars workshop has unveiled their latest plan on working on a sports car which would greatly mimic the Ford GT. This announcement was made at the 2012 Los Angeles Auto show and the company also showed a few rendered images of how the super car would look like. Called the GTR-1, this slick coupe would possess more than 1000 horses mated to compatible and powerful drivetrain and suspension systems. The body can be either done in aluminum or carbon-fibre as per customers choice.

What Galpin is best known for is the interiors of the car, which will be done completely as per customer specification and will feature an abundance in variety, types and styles for every buyer. The GTR-1, the company claims, would look similar to what the Ford GT would look in today’s time had Ford not discontinued the model in 2006. Further details are bleak, but Galpin assures detailed specifications and pricing will be announced as and when the launch date nears. The GTR-1 is expected to debut early next year.

Been in dealership and customizing since 1946, Galpin Auto Sports has a long association with Ford Motors and were also the first dealers to be able to sell the Shelby Cobra models. Another car to have got their loyalty was the Ford Mustang. Galpin has also played an important role in modification of an array of cars over these years. Their main garage, fully featured with customization tools and equipments has also played host to the last two seasons of the American show – Pimp My Ride.

Galpin Auto Sports GTR-1 Rendering Rear