Royal Enfield Riding Gear

Royal Enfield is planning to launch its own branded gear in India. The 2-wheeler maker are planning to diversify their product line-up by leveraging the Royal Enfield brand name. What the company plans to offer includes riding gloves, jackets, boots, helmets, glasses, pants, raincoats, bags and key chains. Royal Enfield is also contemplating the launch of branded accessories such as racks, panniers, etc. However merely launching branded products won’t help if they are not affordable. The company knows that and is looking at reasonable pricing of its branded gears. The RE branded raincoat retails for Rs. 2299/-, which is good for a product made of high quality.

Royal Enfiled has a fan following which is equivalent of Triumph in the UK. This will ensure that the company will be successful in diversifying into riding gear. To offer the branded gear to a larger audience, the Eicher owned company plans to offer the products through an online store. RE is not the first company to offer such products to its customers. Other iconic motorcycle manufacturers such as Harley-Davidson and Ducati have been offering them for years now.