Google maps two-wheeler mode has been launched at the ‘Google for India’ event in Delhi.

Google Map Two Wheeler Mode
Two-wheeler mode will show routes which aren’t feasible for cars and heavy vehicles

We often frown at seeing that red coloured route in Google Maps but as we don’t have a choice, we set off on it. Despite being astride a bike, something which can pass through the narrowest lanes and roads, we have to follow the same road as that of cars since we aren’t aware of many shortcuts feasible for motorcycles to pass. However, that won’t be the case now as at the third annual ‘Google for India’ event in Delhi, the company launched a new two-wheeler mode for Google Maps in India.

Thanks to this functionality, motorcycle riders will now be able to track the shortest and most suitable route for bikes, those which won’t be practical for cars and heavy vehicles. Moreover, the voice-guided navigation system has been included in the two-wheeler mode as well which makes using it extremely convenient.

Unlike in cars, bike riders find it cumbersome to frequently peek into the phone for keeping a track of the road. This won’t be an issue now as the two-wheeler mode will keep notifying about the landmarks and famous points lying along the route to avoid the need of checking the phone every now and then.

As India is a highly motorcycle-obsessed country, it is the first nation to have received this feature from Google. This new facility will be of great help to the riders especially to enthusiasts who love to explore new places aboard their motorcycles. As for rest of the countries, the Google Maps two-wheeler mode will be inducted in a few months.

Google Maps Two-Wheeler Mode

– Google maps two-wheeler mode will show the shortest route for bike riders
– It will notify about the landmarks along the route for easy route tracking
– The two-wheeler mode has been launched only in India as of now

Mumbai Traffic
This mode will avoid the nuisance of riders dodging cars in heavy traffic